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Yes but a double negative integer is also positive as for example --2 = +2

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Q: Is nonnegative integers a positive integer?
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Is all nonnegative integers are positive integers?

No. 0 is a non-negative integer which is not positive.

Is the set of positive integers the same as the nonnegative integers?

No because one will get a positive number and the other will be negative

Is 0 is a positive integer?

No. It is nonnegative. Zero is neither positive nor negative.

The sum of a positive integer?

sum of positive integers will be a positive integer

What is the formation of negative and positive integers?

the sum of 2021 nonnegative integers is 2020. what is the product of the numbers

How do divide integers?

* The quotient of two positive integers or two negative integers is positive. * The quotient of a positive integer and a negetive integer is negetive.

What is the smallest integer?

There is no smallest integer, as the integers continue in the negative direction to infinity. The smallest nonnegative integer is 0 (zero).

What is a Non-negative integers?

They are simply positive integers

The product of any two integers is a positive integer?

No, if a negative integer is multiplied by a positive integer, the product is negative. However, if both of the integers are either positive or negative, the product is positive.

Are decimals positive integers or negative integers?

A decimal can be a positive integer or a negative integer or neither of the above. For example: 26.0 is a positive integer. -52.0 is a negative integer. 26.2 is not an integer at all. 0.0 is an integer, but is neither positive nor negative.

What is a positive integer and what is a negtive integer?

Positive integers are greater than zero. Negative integers are less than zero.

What is nonnegative integer?

An integer is a whole number. Nonnegative mean not negative. A nonnegative integer is a whole number that is not a negative number. For example, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,....

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