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The normal distribution is a theory, which works in practice (with a large enough sample). E.g if you were to plot the height of everyone in the country, you should end up with a normal distribution. Hence it is not usually considered hypothetical, in the same way that, say, imaginary numbers are hypothetical.

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Q: Is normal distribution hypothetical
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What is the difference between a normal distribution and the standard normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution is a normal distribution with mean 0 and variance 1.

Is continuous distribution normal distribution?

le standard normal distribution is a normal distribution who has mean 0 and variance 1

What is the difference of a normal distribution and a stardard normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution is a special case of the normal distribution. The standard normal has mean 0 and variance 1.

When can you say the distribution is considered normal?

When its probability distribution the standard normal distribution.

Does a normal probability distribution include a bimodal distribution?

No, the normal distribution is strictly unimodal.

Is the normal distribution infinite?

The domain of the normal distribution is infinite.

How does standard normal distribution differ from normal distribution?

The standard normal distribution has a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.

What is symmetrical normal distribution?

The Normal distribution is, by definition, symmetric. There is no other kind of Normal distribution, so the adjective is not used.

Is normal distribution also a probability distribution?

Yes. When we refer to the normal distribution, we are referring to a probability distribution. When we specify the equation of a continuous distribution, such as the normal distribution, we refer to the equation as a probability density function.

Which normal distribution is also the standard normal curve?

The normal distribution would be a standard normal distribution if it had a mean of 0 and standard deviation of 1.

Is normal distribution a discrete probability?

No. Normal distribution is a continuous probability.

What is sample?

A sample is a subcollection of members selected from a population. (Ref Triola, Elementary Statistics). A sample may be real or hypothetical. Real- Ten patients at the hospital were interviewed about the care they received. Hypothetical- Repeatedly drawing n independent, and identical values X1, X2... Xn from a normal distribution to form a random sample, the mean of this sample should conform to a normal distribution, if the sample size is greater than 30.

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