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Q: Is number of errors per pupil in a spelling test is discrete variable or continuous?
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What is a 1776 King James bible worth?

In 1779, the AV was reprinted to correct spelling errors. What you might have is a 1611 AV Bible?

How can you identify Direct variation using a table?

The values for the dependent variables must all be equal to the corresponding values of the independent variable, multiplied by the SAME constant. For example, if in the first row of the table, the dependent variable is 7.8 times the independent variable, the same factor must also apply in the other rows. Minor variations are acceptable; among other things, due to measurement errors.

How do you write a resamay?

Do you mean resume? There are many resources on line for this that you can download. Microsoft office, if you have it on your computer, has a template. Be sure to use spellcheck, most companies won't hire someone who has spelling errors on the resume

Are there errors in the Holy Bible?

The Bible has numerous errors as measured by differences in the various manuscripts that were hand copied throughout the Bible's history, some are simple omissions, for example, a word or passage was left out of one or more manuscripts. Other errrors would include spelling errors between one copyist and another etc. The Bible is 'The Word of God' but these words were written down by man, who is flawed. As it is, every word in the Bible is there for a reason. All is "God-breathed" (2 Timothy 3:16), or inspired by him and while there are errors, it just goes to prove that the original documents were not tampered with. An astounding feat in its own merit, the first four books of the new testament, called the Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) were all written by different people, but have almost exactly the same stories. Therefore the Bible, while it may have grammatical, spelling, or word errors, is error free in the manner that all is as intended.

What are the different sources of error in surveying?

Personal errors natural errors instrumental errors

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Is the number of miles driven on a trip a continuous random variable?

There is an exact number of miles for a given route on a trip. However, the measurement of the distance from the odometer some small and possibly random errors, so the measured distances could be considered a continuous random variable.

Can someone check your homework for spelling and grammar errors?

You can check for spelling and grammar errors on Microsoft Word.

Differentiate between Correcting spelling errors & Thesaurus?

Differentiate between Correcting spelling errors & Thesaurus?

What is digital signal and how its different then analog signals?

Digital signals have discrete encoded states that they switch between. They can only assume the defined encoded values. Errors can often be easily detected and sometimes corrected.Analog signals are continuous and change smoothly from one value to another, passing through all intermediate values. There is no way to identify errors.

What does Maine have a lot of?

Spelling errors?

What are the spelling errors on the Stanley cup?

Usually spelling the players name wrong.

Is the writing stage when you correct errors in spelling grammar punctuation and capitalization.?

In the editing stage you correct errors in spelling grammar punctuation and capitalization.

What corrects your spelling errors as you type?

your brain

Which dimensioning method permits the accumulation of errors?

Tabular dimensioning

How do you check a file foe spelling errors?

if you are refering to word then you can use abc spelling check.

What is called when you look for errors in Word?

Spellcheck Grammar and Spelling correction Tools > Spelling [F7]

If you notice a lot of spelling errors in draft as you are writing what should you do?

Dont worry about the errors