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One is a factor of every number. One is only a multiple of itself.

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Q: Is one a multiple of every number?
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Is 18 a mutple of 1?

Every number is a multiple of one.

Can a decimal be a multiple or does a multiple have to be a whole number. So for example is 2.58 a multiple of 10?

It has to be a whole number, or else every number would be a multiple of every other number.

Why is the number one a multiple for every number?

I think you probably already know this but... one is a multiple for every number because every number is divisible by one example: 1 fits into ten ten times so it is divisible by one. I'm guessing this question was a joke so this answer will probably never be used but I don't care.

What numbers are multilples of one?

Every single number know-to-man is a multiple of one.

Is 0 a multiple of 100?

That depends. If any number multiplied by 0 is equal to 0, then is 0 a multiple of no numbers, or every number... a tricky one.

How many multiples of 1 on a number cube?

All of them. Every integer is a multiple of 1.

Which number is the multiple of every number?


Which number is multiple of every number?


Does the exception for two and three every prime number on a hundred chart is either one more or one less than a multiple of what?

In that range, every prime number is either one more or one less than a multiple of 4. This also works for 6.

What are the properties of 1?

It is not a prime number. Every number is a multiple of one. Its reciprocal is still one, anything multiplied or divided by one is still the original number.

Every number is multiple of its self?

Yes. And that multiple is 1.

Why is every multiple of two an even number?

Because your beginning number was a multiple of 2.