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1/4 is exactly half way between 0 and 1/2.

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Q: Is one fourth closer to the benchmark fraction 0 or the benchmark fraction one half?
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What fraction is closest to 0?

There is no possible answer. For any given fraction, half that fraction is another fraction and it will be closer to 0. And then half of that will be closer still, and then half of that ... . Hope you get the idea.

What fraction is half of one fourth-?

The fraction that represents one half of one fourth is one eighth.

Is 2-6 as a fraction closer to 0 or one half?

It is closer to a half.

What is the benchmark fraction closest to one half?

3/4 1/2

What benchmark fraction is closest to negative 0.46?

A negative half.

Which is closer to 0 one fourth or 0.5?

One fourth (.25) is closer to zero than one half (.5).

What fraction is closer to 1 half?


Is four over seven a benchmark fraction?

no because only 1, 0, and a half are benchmark fractions other fractions fall between those numbers

What fraction is smaller than a half?

a fourth - An eighth.

What fraction is half of one fourth?


What fraction is half of one half?

half of one half is one fourth or 1/4.

What fraction is 1 half of 1 fourth?

one eighth.

What fraction is between one half and one fourth?

A fraction between one half (1/2) and one fourth (1/4) is three eights (3/8).

One half of one fourth equals what fraction?

one eighth

What fraction is less than half?

1/4 or one fourth.

What fraction is equal to one half of one-fourth?

one eighth

What fraction is closer to one half four sevenths or five nines?


What fraction is exactly halfway between one half and one fourth?

3/8 is exactly halfway between one half and one fourth

What are some words that mean the same as not whole?


What is the answer to the fraction three and one fourth minus two and one half?

It is: 3/4

Is the fraction three fifths closer to zero one half one whole one whole and a half or two whole?

One half.

What is the answer to name a fraction between 1 and a half and 1 but closer to 1?

1 1/8

What is a smaller fraction than a half?

one fourth, on eighth, one sixteenth, and keep doubling the number

What is 1 and a half rounded to the nearest one-fourth?

0.375 Im not sure in terms of a fraction though.

Which is greater a half of a fourth or a fourth of a half?

They are equal!