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Yes, it is.

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Q: Is one fourth equal to four sixteenths?
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Related questions

What is one fourth plus one sixteenth?

five sixteenths 5/16 answer: A fourth is four sixteenths, so four plus one equals five sixteenths

Is four sixteenths equal to one fourths?


What is four sixteenths in its simplest form?

one fourth or 1/4

Is eight sixteenths equal to four tenths?

Eight sixteenths is equal to five tenths, or, expressed as a fraction in its simplest form, one half.

How many sixteenths are in one fourth?

1/16 * 4 = 1/4 There are four sixtheenths in one fourth.

What is the answer of seven-sixteenths minus one-fourth?

three sixteenths

What fraction is equivalent to four sixteenth?

The fraction four sixteenths is equal to 1/4, or one quarter.

Does one fourth equal one whole?

One fourth is the same as one quarter. The whole is divided into four equal parts, and one of those equal parts is one fourth.

Is one fourth larger than four tenths?

One-fourth is not larger then Four-tenths. One-fourth is equal to .25 of 1 Four-tenths is equal to .40 of 1.

Which is bigger three sixteenths or one fourth?

one fourth is bigger, and it is bigger by one sixteenth.

Add one half plus one fourth plus one eighth plus one sixteens equals?

Expresed as a vulgar fraction in its simplest terms, 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 = 15/16, or fifteen sixteenths.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------one half = eight sixteenthsone fourth = four sixteenthsone eighth = two sixteenths(8+4+2+1) sixteenths = 15 sixteenths = 15/16 = 0.9375

What is 4 sixteenths as a whole number?

Four sixteenths is one quarter, or one over four. That is what it simplifies to. It is not a whole number.

What is five sixteenths of one fourth?


How many sixteenths are in one fourth inches?

there are four sixteenths of an inch in one fourth of an inch just as one fourth can be divided into two eights. if you do the math it should look something like this: 1/4 * 16/1 = 16/4 then simplify: 16/4 = 4

How many sixteenths in 0.27 inches?

There are four and one-third sixteenths in 0.27

What is 25 percent equal to?

25 percent is equal to 25 over hundred, 25:100, 25 to 100, a quarter of a hundred, and 0.25 and one fourth, two eighths, four sixteenths, eight thirtyseconds, and so on.

What is the same value to one fourth?

two eighths, four sixteenths, eight thirty-secondths, sixteen one hundred twenty-eighths, etc.........:)

What is two thirds of four and one fourths?

one and four sixteenths

What does one fourth divided by four equal?


Why does one fourth of ten equal 2.5?

If you divide ten into four equal parts you get 2.5 for each part. That is the definition of fourth.

What is longer 1mile one fourth or 1 mile three sixteenths?

1/4 of a mile is equalivalent to four sixteenths of a mile so 1 1/4 mile is longer than 1 3/16 mile.

What does four twelves pus one fourth equal?

seven twelves

What is bigger one half or seven sixteenths?

One half one half would be equal to 8 sixteenths, and 7 is less than eight, thusly

What is four thirds multiplied by fifteen sixteenths?

one and one-forths

What five sixths minus one fourth equal?