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Yes. One fourth is equivalent to two eighths.

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Q: Is one fourth equivalent to two eight?
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What is eight and two fourths minus by two and one fourth?

The answer is six and one fourth

What is eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth?

Eight and three fourths minus by two and one fourth equals six and one fourths (6.5).

What is eight times two and one-fourth?


Is one-fourth bigger then two-eighths?

They are equivalent.

What is one fourth of two hundred sixty eight?


What is two and one eighth times one fourth?

two and one eight times one fourth = 2 1/8 * 1/4 = 17/32

What is Eight and one half divided by two and one fourth equals?


Is one half equivalent to two eight?


What is eight and two sevenths times three and one fourth?


What are the two equivalent fractions for one fourth?

2/8 4/16

What are two fraction equivalent to one fourth?

4/16 2/8

What is the sum of one fourth plus one half plus one eighth?

Two over eight plus four over eight plus one over eight equals seven over eight

What does one fourth plus seven eighths equal?

One fourth is equivalent to two eighths so total is nine eighths ie one and one-eighth.

Is thirteen fourths and two and one-fourth equivalent?

No because 13/4 is equivalent to 3 and 1/4

How many fluid ounces in one-fourth of a cup?

Two. One cup is eight fluid ounces.

What are two equal equivalent fractions to one-fourth?

2/8, 3/12

How do you use a number line for two and one fourth?

two one fourth the two is bigger than the one fourth so it comes last and the one fourth comes first.

Does four eight equal to two fourth?


What is two and one-fourth as a decimal?

two and one-fourth as a decimal = 2.25

What is one whole plus one eight plus one fourth?

Converting the fractions to eights we get: 1 + one eight + two eights, which gives us 1 and three eights as the answer.

Is three twenty fourth equivalent to two twelveth?


What is one fourth times one fourth?

Two fourth which is also called one half

What is the meaning of the word eight?

the meaning of eight is equivalent to the product of two and four; one more than seven, or two less than ten; 8.

Which is greater 2 to the power of 4 or 8 to the power of 2?

"2 to the power of 4" is written "two to the fourth power", and "8 to the power of 2" is known as "eight squared". And, eight squared is greater than two to the fourth power. Eight squared is 64, and two to the fourth power is 16.

How do you find fourth proportional?

we can cross multiply the two equivalent equations and then find the fourth proportional

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