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Is one fourths greater than 0.21

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Q: Is one fourths greater than 0.21?
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Is three fourths greater than a half?

yes three fourths is greater than one half

Why is three fourths greater than one?

Three fourths is greater than one fourths because if the numbers are the same at the bottom then match the top so you do higher numbers instead of lower

Is seven twenty fourths greater than or less than one half?


Is one and two fourths greater than or less than two tenths?


Is three fourths greater than one fourth?


Is two fourths greater than one third?


Is seven fourths greater than one half?


Is one third greater than three fourths?


Is five twelfths greater than or less than one fourths?


What is greater than one half and less than three fourths?


Which is bigger one fourths or three fourths?

Three fourths is greater than one fourth. For any positive number, and the same denominator, if there is a larger number in the numerator, it is larger.

What is greater one and a half or three fourths?

1 and a 1/2 is greater than 3/4

Is one-half greater than two-fourths?

They have the same equivalency, 0.5

Which is greater three-fourths or one-third?

Three-fourths is greater. three-fourths = 75% one-third = 33%

What is greater 1 and three fourths or 1 and 12 fourteenths?

One and three fourths is greater

Is three fourths and two thirds greater or less than one?

It is less than. You see if its not one whole than its less than one.

What is greater three fourths or one half?

Three fourths is three quarters One half is two quarters. Three quarters is greater than two quarters.

Is one fouth greater than one half?

No. It will take 2 one fourths to make one half.

Is three fourths greater than one whole?

No because 3/4 is less than 1

Is one fourth greater or less than three fourth?

One fourth is a quarter and three fourths is three quarters so tehrefore three fourths is bigger.

Is 1 over 2 greater than 6 over 8?

No. 1 over 2 is the same as one half. 6 over 8 reduces to 3 over 4 or three-fourths. Three-fourths is greater than one half.

Is one half greater or two fourths greater?

They are the same.

Is one sixth greater than three fourths?

No because 1/6 is less than 3/4

Which is bigger one half and one and two fourths?

1 and 2/4 is greater than 1/2

What is graeater negative 3 fourths or one half?

What is greater negitvive 3 fourths negitive one half