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One half is bigger.

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Q: Is one half or five twelfths bigger?
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Which is larger one half or five twelfths?

One half

Is five sixths bigger than four twelfths?

Yes, five sixths is bigger than four twelfths (simplified: one third).

What fraction is bigger one sixth or five twelfths?

The second is bigger.

Is one half less than five twelfths?

Well, one half equals six twelfths. You figure it out from there.

Is one half bigger than eleven twelfths?


What is the estimate of five sixth of one half?

five twelfths (5/12).

Is one half bigger than seven twelves?

no. one half of 12 is 6. 7 twelfths is more than one half

Is five twelfths bigger than one third?

yes If we convert a third into twelfths, it turns out to be 4/12, so yes, 5/12 is bigger.

Which is bigger one half or one twelfth?

1/2 = six twelfths That's bigger than one twelfth.

Is five twelfths less or greater than one half?

!less by one twelfth

What is larger seven twelfths or one half?

There are six twelfths in one half.Seven twelfths is more than six twelfths.Therefore seven twelfths is larger than one half.

Is five twelfths less than one half?

Yes . 5/12=0.4166. 6/12 is one half.

What is one and a half plus five twelfths plus six twelfths?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 3/2 + 5/12 + 6/12 = 2 5/12 or two and five twelfths.

Is one and one half bigger than one and five eighths?

One and five eighths is bigger than one and a half.

What is one third plus one twelfths equal to?

five twelfths

How many twelfths to make one eighth?

3 twelfths

Is one half bigger than five tenths?

No. One half is equal to five tenths.

What is two and one third divided by five and five twelfths?

Two and one third divided by five and five twelfths = 28/65

Is five twelves bigger than one fourths?

Yes. 1 fourth is the same as 3 twelfths

What is five twelfths minus one half?

5/12 - 6/12 = -1/12

How many five twelths are in one half?

There are six twelfths in one half. That leaves room for one 5/12 with one twelfth left over.

what is bigger three twelfths or one half?

One Half.6/12 isequivalentto one half so: 3/12<1/2 (Is Less Than)

How do you know that five twelfths is less than one and half?

Well a saying goes for any fraction, The bigger the denominator (# on the bottom of the bar) the smaller the piece.

Explain why 7 over 12 is greater that 1 half?

one half is 6 twelfths and 7 twelfths is more than 6 twelfths

Is one fifth bigger than five twelfths?

No, 1/5 is a fair amount smaller than 5/12

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