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No, 4/3 is 1.333333... which is not a natural number.

However, any natural number divided by a natural number will always be a rational number. This is due to the definition of a rational number as being able to be expressed as p/q where p and q are integers. Thus, numbers where p and q are natural numbers represent a subset of all the rational numbers.

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Q: Is one natural number divided by another natural number always a natural number?
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What is a multiple of a natural number always?

A multiple of a natural number should be another natural number.

Is a natural number always a rational number?

A natural number is always a rational number .

What is the term for a number divided by another number?

In division, a number divided by another number is a dividend. dividend / divisor = quotient

A number can be divided by another number without having a remander?

true.... a number can be divided by another number without a remainder.

Are irrational number always integers?

No. An irrational number is one that is not a rational number. A rational number is once that equals one integer divided by another. So an irrational number cannot be represented by one integer divided by another integer, so it cannot be an integer!

Is 62 divisible by 133162?

No. Well, any number can be divided by another number, but the quotient you get may not always be a whole number. In this case, 62 divided by 133162 results in the fractional quotient of .0004655

What number that is divided by another number?


What is a number divided by another number exactly called?

Any number divided by another number is called a dividend. If the number is divided by the other number without a remainder, the dividend is a multiple of the divisor.

What is 81 divided by1?


Why are natural numbers not under addition?

Natural numbers are actually closed under addition. If you add any two if them, the result will always be another natural number.

Why cant a natural number be divided by 0?

0 is nothing, you cannot divide a number by nothing, it would be the same as putting the number then the divide symbol and not putting another number in.

The quotient of two natural numbers is always a rational number?

yes say you have 5 divided by 2 you get 2.5 or even 5 divided by 7 you get 0.714257142857 which is still rational.

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