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one quarter is less than one third

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Is less than a third.

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Q: Is one quarter more or less than one third?
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Related questions

What is bigger one third or one quarter?

One-third .

Is a liter more than a quarter?

It's more than quarter of a pint, it's more than a quarter of a dram. -It's less than a quarter of an Imp Gallon.

Is three tenths less than a quarter?

three tenths is more than a quarter

Is one quarter less than or more than seven twelfths?

less than

When can you see more than one half but less than all of the Moon's lighted side?

All the time between First Quarter and Third Quarter, except for the moment of Full Moon.

Is one third of a pound less than a quarter of a pound?

No. One third of a pound is equal to four-twelfths, while one quarter is equal to three twelfths. So a third is 33% greater than a quarter.

How many cups are in 5 tablespoons?

There are 0.3125 cups in 5 tablespoons -- more than a quarter cup, less than a third of one cup.

.28 is how many inches?

.28 inches is a little bit more than a quarter of an inch and a little bit less than third of an inch.

Which fraction is bigger 1 quarter or 2 third?

One quarter (25%) is less than 2/3 (66%).

What fraction is bigger than a one quarter and less than a third?

27/100 is one possibility.

Is 0.35 less that a third?

No, 0.35 is more than a third.

Is a quarter bige than a third?

A quarter is four parts of a whole, while a third is three parts of a whole. Therefore, a quarter is smaller than a third.

Is more than a third equal to more than three quarters?

Not at all. One half is more than a third but less than three quarters.

What is less than half and more than quarter?

one third - is only one answer any value of x such that 1/4 < x < 1/2 or 0.25 < x < 0.5

What coin is less than a quarter but more than a dime?

no such thing. Think again - An Australian 20c coin. Its value is also less than a US quarter but more than a US dime. I suspect there are many other examples.

What is the acreage in 0.42 acres Is it a quarter acre or a third acre or what?

That is less than have an acre and more than a third. It is 42% of an acre. An acre contains 43,560 square feet. The conversion says that it would be 18,295 square feet.

Does the brain use more than one quarter of the oxygen breathed by the human body?

Less than one quarter, about 20 %.

What fraction is smaller than a third but bigger than a quarter?

a third

Is two thirds less than one third?

Two thirds is more than one third.

Is 33 percent less than 25?

More- think of it like money 33 cents is more than a quarter

Is a quarter carat diamond better than a third carat diamond?

It would depend on the quality of the diamond. Obviously a quarter carat is smaller than a third but if the third carat is of poor quality and the quarter is superior quality then the quarter would be worth more.Another AnswerEvery diamond is valued by its carat weight, its colour, its clarity and its cut.

Is 0.3 less than 0.55?

Yes. 0.3 is less than a third. 0.55 is a bit more than a half.

Less than a half and more than a quarter?

three fifths.....or anywhere between 25% and 49%

What is one fourth of a cup?

one forth of a cup is about one third but a little bit more i will say about 4 teaspoons moreOne fourth of a cup is less than one third. One fourth of a cup is, a quarter cup or 2 ounces.

Is one and a third more then one and less then tow?

Yes 1 and 1/3 is more than 1 but less than 2

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