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Depends on one tenth of what. A teaspoon, a bucketful?

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Q: Is one tenth less than half of a teaspoon?
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Is one fouth teaspoon more or less than one half teaspoon?


Is one tenth of a teaspoon less than one eighth of a teaspoon?

yes, one tenth would be 10%, one eighth would be 12.5%

How many teaspoons is a 60 mg syringe?

less than a tenth of a teaspoon

Half a teaspoon equals how many tablespoons?

None. A teaspoon is less than a tablespoon.

Is one tenth greater or less than one half?


Is one tenth more or less than a half?

i think it is 34

Is one tenth plus two sevenths greater than or less than a half?

less..27/70 half would be 35/70

Is one tenth more or less than half?

1/10 is less than 1/2 because 0.1 is less than 0.5

2000 milligrams of salt equal how many teaspoons?

Less than half a teaspoon.

Is half bigger than a tenth?

Yes a half is bigger tan a tenth. A half =50% and a tenth =10%

How much is 2cc in liquid medicine?

A little less than a half teaspoon.

Is 1.0 milliliter more than 1 teaspoon?

No, it is less than a teaspoon

What does 2ml equal in teaspoon?

In the metric system, a teaspoon (tsp) is equal to five millilitres (ml). So 2ml is a teeny bit less than half a teaspoon. A tablespoon is 20ml.

Is three fourth teaspoon more than half teaspoon?

Yes, it is.

What is one tenth less than 10?

one tenth less than 10 is 9 9/10

Is 1 tenth greater than 4.16?

1 tenth, which is equal to 0.1, is less than 4.16 (four and sixteen hundredths).

How many teaspoon are in 2.1millileters?

That is a little less than 1/2 teaspoon

What is one tenth less than 0.6?

One tenth less would be 0.5 !

What is the eqivalent an eighth of a teaspoon?

0.6ml. To judge the amount without a measuring spoon, it's less than 1 millilitre but more than half a milliter

How close is 12 teaspoon to 18 teaspoon?

It is 6 teaspoons less than 18.

Is 0.21 more than a half or less than a half?


How much is a gram less than a teaspoon?


Is one ninth less than one tenth?

One ninth is greater than one tenth.

What is 19.625 rounded to the nearest tenth?

The number 6 is the tenths place. .25 is less than half of the next tenth, so round down to 6, and not up to 7. 19.6

Is six tenth bigger than half?