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i think it is 34

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Q: Is one tenth more or less than a half?
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Related questions

Is one tenth more or less than half?

1/10 is less than 1/2 because 0.1 is less than 0.5

Is one tenth greater or less than one half?


Is one tenth less than half of a teaspoon?

Depends on one tenth of what. A teaspoon, a bucketful?

Is one tenth plus two sevenths greater than or less than a half?

less..27/70 half would be 35/70

How long is 4 tenths of an inch?

One tenth LESS than a half inch....the more practical answer is approximately 13/32 of an inch....which is .406"

Is 0.21 more than a half or less than a half?


Is 7.65 percent less than a tenth of one percent?

7.65 percent is more than a tenth of one percent.

Is half bigger than a tenth?

Yes a half is bigger tan a tenth. A half =50% and a tenth =10%

Is 2 fifths more or less than 1 half?

2 fives is less than 1 half

Is a tenth of an inch more than an half inch?

No. Think of it like this. There are ten pieces of pie. If you have half, you have five pieces. If you have a tenth, then you have only one of the original ten pieces.

Is 4 5th more than a half or less than a half?

4/5 is more than 1/2

What is is 0.37 is it less more or equal to half?

less than

Is 1 tenth greater than 4.16?

1 tenth, which is equal to 0.1, is less than 4.16 (four and sixteen hundredths).

What is one tenth less than 10?

one tenth less than 10 is 9 9/10

What is less than half but more than a whole?

These nuts

Is one tenth plus two tenths more or less than one half?

1/10+2/10=3/10 1/2=5/10 so 3/10 is less than 5/10

During what sequence of phases can you see less of the moon?

Crescent is the phase that's less than half. Gibbous is the phase that's more than half, but less than full.

Are 800 ml more or less than half a liter?

Since 500 mL is half of a litre, 800 mL is more than half.

Does land cover more than one-half of the earth?

No, less than half, about 25%

Is more or less than half of Africa in the southern hemisphere?


Do beavers weigh more than humans?

No. A beaver weighs less than one tenth of the average human.

In limit poker what is the half or more rule?

When you raise less than half the previous bet its not considered a raise but if you raise by half or more than you have to raise

Is five sevenths less than one half?

No it is more then one half.

Is one ninth less than one tenth?

One ninth is greater than one tenth.

How could you use the relationship between the numerator and denominator of fractions equivalent to one half to determine if a fraction is less than one half?

If the denominator is more than double the numerator, then the fraction is less than a half.