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A cent is one hundredth of a dollar (in fact, the word "cent" is from a Latin word meaning "hundred"). So no, one tenth of a penny is not one hundredth of a dollar. (It is actually one thousandth of a dollar.)

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Q: Is one tenth of a penny equivalent to one hundredth of a dollar?
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Is one tenth larger than one hundredth?

Well think about this, would you rather have one tenth of a dollar or one one hundredth of a dollar? In other words YES

How much money is 0.06?

six pennies, a nickel and a penny, six cents, one one-hundredth of a dollar, one tenth of a penny, one quarter of a quarter.

What metric prefix is equal to a dollar bill?

What in the world does THAT mean? I'm gonna take a SWAG (silly wild-ass guess) at that. One dollar equals 100 cents, so you could say that a penny is a centidollar, because a penny represents one hundredth of a dollar. A dollar is also one tenth of a ten-dollar bill, so you could say that it is a decisawbuck. (Sawbuck is slang for a 10-dollar bill.)

What decimal shows what part of one dollar is one penny?

One hundredth, or one cent. Example: 1.00 is one dollar, or one (1) 0.10 is one dime, or one tenth (1/10) 0.01 is one penny, or one hundredth (1/100) 0.25 is one quarter, or one fourth (1/4) 0.05 is one nickel, or one twentieth (1/20)

Why is 0.1 bigger than 0.01?

0.1 is one tenth. 0.01 is one one hundredth. Think of 0.1 as a dime, and 0.01 as a penny.

Is a tenth bigger or hundredth?


What is the square root of 35 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

The positive square root of 35 is approx 5.916 . That is equivalent to 5.92 when rounded to the nearest hundredth. Remember, though, that there is another square root, which is -5.92 to the nearest tenth.

What is 0.228 rounded as a hundredth and tenth?

To the nearest tenth, 0.2 To the nearest hundredth, 0.23

What is greatest a hundredth or a tenth?

A tenth is greater.

What is 0.228 rounded to the nearest tenth and hundredth?

To the nearest tenth: 0.2 To the nearest hundredth: 0.23

If you round 30.089 to the nearest tenth whole number hundredth what do you get?

tenth: 30.1 whole number:30 hundredth:30.09

What would one tenth of one hundredth equal as a decimal?

One tenth of one hundredth is one thousandth, or 0.001.

Explain how a tenth is related to a hundredth?

1/10 x1/10=1/100 so the square root of a hundredth is a tenth. A tenth is ten hundredths.

How many tenths equal a hundredth?

One tenth of a tenth.

What is the equivalent of cm to meter?

Centi means one-hundredth, like deci means one-tenth and milli means one-thousandth.

What is a tenth of a hundredth?

A thousandth

7 tenth +7 hundredth?


What happens when you multiply one-tenth by one-tenth?

one hundredth

Is .01 inches of rain one tenth or one hundredth?

One hundredth

How do you say .010 in words?

One hundredth.

What is the sum of one tenth and one hundredth?

One tenth =1/10=0.1 One hundredth=1/100=0.01 Sum =0.1+0.01=0.11

Is it more reasonable to round 127.279221 to the nearest hundredth or tenth?

Hundredth is more accurate.

What is two tenths written as a hundredth?

0.2 = tenth 0.20 = hundredth

How a tenth is related to a hundredth?

One tenth is ten times bigger than one hundredth. That is 1/10 = 10 x 1/100.

What is 550 rounded to the nearest hundredth?

550 is already rounded to the nearest hundredth, tenth and unit.

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