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Oh yes, one third is quite a bit smaller than five sixths. To compare, we can convert one third into two sixths. So five sixths is fully three sixths (equal to one half) larger than a third.

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Q: Is one third smaller than five sixths?
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Is one third more than five sixths?

Nope - 1/3 is smaller than 5/6

Is five sixths bigger than five sevenths or is five sixths smaller than five sevenths?

five sixths is more than five sevenths because i would rather walk most of the walk

What is larger one third or five sixths?

five sixths because it is more than half

Is one third greater than five sixths?


Is four sixths bigger than five sixths?

It isn't bigger. It is smaller by one sixth.

Is five sixths bigger than four twelfths?

Yes, five sixths is bigger than four twelfths (simplified: one third).

Is one third less than five sixths?


Is 2 thirds smaller than 2 sixths?

No. If you look at the two number closely, you can see that two sixths is actually one third, which is smaller than two thirds.

Is one sixth less than one third?

Yes. One sixth is one half of one third to be exact. Two-sixths are equal to one-third, three-sixths is a half, four-sixths is two-thirds, five-sixths is exactly what it is, and six-sixths is a whole.

How much less is one-third than five-sixths?

1/3 is 1/2 less than 5/6 .

What has a greater numerator two sixths or five sixths?

Five sixths, as five is greater than two.

When is one third larger than one half?

(5/6) or five-sixths

Is two fives bigger than five sixths?

No, five sixths is bigger than two fifths.

Which is larger five sixths or one half?

five sixths is larger than a half.

Which is smaller two third or two sixths?

(2/6) can be simplified. When you do that, you discover that it's the same thing as (1/3), and now you can compare it directly with (2/3). One third (two sixths) is smaller than (only half the size of) two thirds.

How is the fraction four sixths greater than five sixths?

It isn't.

Is two fifths greater or less than five sixths?

According to maths, two fifths is greater than five sixths.

Is two sixths bigger or smaller than three eighths?


Is five sevenths bigger than four sixths?

Yes. Six sevenths is 88%. Five sixths is 83.4%.

Is five sixths greater than five eighths?


Which fraction is smaller 2/6 or 4/6?

Two sixths is smaller than four sixths. Two sixths is equal to 0.3 recurring, or 0.3333.. while four sixths is equal to 0.6 recurring, or 0.6666..

Is four sevenths bigger than five sixths?


Is eight tenths bigger than five sixths?


Is five sixths greater than 7 8ths?


Is five sixths greater than four fifths?

Yes it is. Five sixths is about 0.83 in decimal and four fifths is exactly 0.8 in decimal.

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