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No, they are equalivent

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Q: Is one thrid greater than two sixths?
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Is one sixth greater than less than or equal to one sixths?

Is is one sixth greater than less than or equal to three sixths

Is one third greater than five sixths?


Is one sixth greater than three sixths?


Is one thrid greater than one six?

yes 1/3 is greater than 1/6

What is a fraction greater than one sixth?

2 sixths

Is two thirds greater than thirty one thirty sixths?

No. The other is greater.

Is one fifth greater or less than two sixths?

less than

What is larger four sixths or one half?

Four sixths is bigger than one half. Three sixths make one half.

Is four ninths greater or lesser than two sixths?

Four ninths is greater than two sixths, bear with me while I say why:One ninth is about 11.11%, and one sixths is about 16.66%. Got that?11.11% (1/9) times 4 = 44.4%, which is four ninths.16.66% (1/6) times 2 = 33.3%, which is 2 sixths.44.4% is greater than 33.3%.Therefore four ninths is greater than two sixths.

Which one is greater five eighths or five sixths?

five sixths

Is two twelfths greater that two sixths?

Two twelfths is equal to one sixth, and is thus lesser than two sixths.

Is 1.38 greater then 1 and one-thrid?


Is three sixths greater than one half?

3/6 = 1/2

What is the probaability of rolling a number greater than 4 on one roll of die?

three sixths

Is one thrid more than one half?

No. One thrid is 331/3% less than one half.

Which is greater one eighth or two six?

two sixths is greater.

Is one third greater less or equal to one sixth?

One third is greater, as it is two sixths.

Is 5 over 6 greater than 1 over 6?

The answer is that 5 over 6 is greater than 1 over 6. The reason is that 5 is greater than 1. If you have 5 quarters, you have more than if you had only one. Now. suppose instead of quarters some country had coins called sixths. If you have 5 sixths you have more than if you had only one sixth.

Is one fifth is greater or less than two sixths?

One fifth is less than two sixths.1/5 = 6/302/6 = 10/30Convert the fractions to the form with the same denominator, then compare the numerators.

Is one third smaller than five sixths?

Oh yes, one third is quite a bit smaller than five sixths. To compare, we can convert one third into two sixths. So five sixths is fully three sixths (equal to one half) larger than a third.

Is one fifths greater than four sixths?

no 1/5 = 6/30 and 4/6= 20/30

Which is greater two fifths or four sixths?

Four sixths is bigger. Since if you simplify four sixths is equivalent to two thirds. So two thirds is bigger than two fifths, just like one half is bigger than two thirds.

Is one third greater then three sixth?

No, three sixths is another way of saying one half. One half is more than one third.

What is larger five-sixths or one whole?

Any number where the numerator is smaller than the denominator is less than one. If the numerator is equal to the denominator (for example, 6/6), that number is equal to one. If the numerator is greater than the denominator, then the number is greater than one.

In a fraction is one-third five-sixths or one-fourth greater?