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Q: Is personnel management is known by one name true or false?
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What was the previous name of the American Management Association?

Shortly after the merger, in 1923, the National Personnel Association's board of directors chose the new name of the American Management Association.

What is personnel management?

The two are a science of individual management in a given work place. Theories are put into practice every time when dealing with management. Business language, like other languages, changes over time - with new fashions or developments. Human Resource Management is the latest name for personnel management. it is the management of human of the organizations in a way that enhances value of the business.

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What is differences between story's definitions of HRM and Personnel and IR practices?

Main Differences between Personnel Management and HRMHRM has a long history of growing from a simple welfare and maintenance function to that of a board level activity of the companies. In recent years, the focus on people management from human capital/intellectual capital perspective is also shaping firmly. However, the hard fact is that this growth can be generally witnessed in management literature and rarely in practice. Peripheral observation of people management in organization can mislead the observers since, hardly there could be any organization that is yet to rename its old fashioned title of industrial relations/personnel/welfare/administration department into HRM department. But, in practice, these organizations continue to handle the people management activities the way they had been handling earlier. The reasons for this could be many and varied. Among them, the potential reason is lack of clear understanding about the differences between personnel/IR and HRM.

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