Is q-basic still available

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: Is q-basic still available
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What extension would a file saved in Qbasic have?

the extensions of qbasic are that, there are only 80 pixels to write in the qbasic

Why are rem statements important in qbasic programming?

qbasic is important because its technology

What is the shortcut key for input statement in QBasic?

There is no shortcut key of input in qbasic

What are the different types of operators in QBASIC?

The different types of operators in QBASIC are:Arithmetic OperatorsRelational OperatorsLogical Operators

What are the difference between gwbasic and qbasic?

Difference between QBASIC and GWBASIC?

Why is QBasic called QuickBasic?

Qbasic and Quickbasic are not the same! Qbasic was a free interpreter that Microsoft included with MS-DOS. Although Quickbasic uses similar syntax as quickbasic it allows programs to be compiled.

Who found QBASIC?


Do you need statement numbers in QBASIC?

Statement numbers were a feature of BASIC, and while QBASIC supports them, they are by no means necessary.

Advantage of qbasic?

The advantage of qbasic is that it is easy to learn, to start out,then one can move on to more complex, or advanced languages.

What are the 2 types of data allowed in QBASIC?

the two types of data used in Qbasic is numeric data and alpha numeric data.

What is the default screen mode of Qbasic?

The default screen mode for Qbasic is 0.

Is there a Qbasic compiler that works on Windows 3.1?

The original version of QBASIC had a built-in compiler (which worked anywhere, anytime), but this functionality was removed in the 'newer' version for some odd reason. QBasic version 4.5 (also known as QuickBasic) can compile, and I believe that QBasic version 7.1x (very difficult to find) is capable of compiling also.