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It depends on where the ruler was made, and if you recognize the authority of the queen.

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Q: Is reading the centimeter side of a ruler just like reading the inches side of a ruler?
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What side of a ruler has centimeters if there is only inches and millimeters?

If the ruler only has inches and millimeters, just use the millimeters side. Remember, there are 10 millimeters in 1 centimeter.

How round is a centimeter?

It is a linear length and as a ruler it is not round.

Where is 2.8 inches on a ruler?

it is just between 2.7 and 2.9 inches

Where is 6.1 inches found on a ruler?

Just after the mark for 6 inches.

How many inches on a ruler?

12... Just look at one.

Metric measurement equivalent to 0.3937 inch?

0.3937" (inches) is just about 1cm (centimeter).

How is sleet measured?

Sleet is typically measured in inches or millimeters, like other forms of precipitation such as rain or snow. Meteorologists use special tools such as rain gauges or snow measuring devices to collect and record the amount of sleet that falls over a specific area during a specific timeframe.

How many inches would a 5 centimeter tumor be?

A 5 centimeter tumor is approximately 1.97 inches in size.

What does 0.11 inches look like on a ruler?

It is about just over 4 inches

What is 2.33 on a ruler?

It is just before 3 inches

Where on a ruler is 1.7 inches?

It is 3/10 of an inch before 2 inches on the ruler

Hows a metric ruler used?

A metric ruler is used to measure the length of objects in millimeters, centimeters, or meters. To use it, place the zero end of the ruler at one end of the object being measured and read the measurement where the other end of the object lines up with the ruler. It is important to align the object parallel to the ruler for an accurate measurement.