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Q: Is scaling a method for building models of very small objects?
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Which models selecting a combination of 3 objects taken from a group of 8 items?

theres really no corret answer for this on the low..........

What is a model in math?

In math, a model is a representation or framework that is used to describe and understand a specific concept, system, or phenomenon. It can be a simplified version of reality that captures the essential features of the problem at hand, allowing for analysis and prediction. Models can be mathematical equations, diagrams, or even physical objects.

How do models help you to multiply by one-digit numbers?

You don't need a "model" for that; you just need to know the multiplication method taught in elementary school.

What are some important factors when deciding an appropriate scale for a model?

The main problem with scaling down real world constructions is that small components do not react to forces in the same way as it's full size target. A very small internal combustion engine will not scale completely. Gas flows, liquid channels and piston rods will not operate properly due to capillary action and viscosity of liquids retarded by tube wall friction and slowing of gases in small diameter tubes. Piston rods break because they are not strong enough. Spring actions of suspension system modelling also don't scale. In bridge and aircraft designs in a wind tunnel, scaling to very small proportions will not show aerodynamic flaws in prototype designs. Earthquake proofing building models on shaking tables do not have the same resonant frequency of the full size building. These factors don't scale.

In statistics what is a particle filter used for?

A particle filter is usually used in statistics to estimate Bayesian models. a particle filter is also known as a sequential Monte Carlo method (SMC).

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A list hobbies that can be done by yourself at all hours?

building models of cars and other objects. reading a good book. building a house of cards etc...

What does making models involve?

Making models involves creating representations of complex objects or process.

Which forecasting method helps prepare strategic managers for alternative possibilities A. econometric models B. quantitative models C. scenario development D. Delphi method?

analog method

Which forecasting method helps prepare strategic managers for alternative possibilities A econometric models B quantitative models C scenario development D Delphi method?

analog method

What is the difference between scaled-down models and scaled-up models?

A scaled down model is used to model bigger objects like a building, while a scaled up model is used to make small things, like DNA, bigger by using a model.

What has the author James E Corter written?

James E. Corter has written: 'Tree models of similarity and association' -- subject(s): Scaling (Social sciences)

Definition of making models?

To create a representation of complex objects or processes.

What involves creating representations of complex objects or processes?

making models

How does Ptolemy's models model of the universe compare Aristotle's model?

Both Models Show That Celestial Objects Have Circular Paths

How do models resemble the objects they represent?

It depends on what the objects are. In fashion, models are required to look elegant, sleek and exotic, like the clothes they wear. Commercial/print models are required to match the theme or lifestyle that reflects the products they are selling. A certain look and attitude is required of certain models to match whatever they are advertising.

Where is the rock in the Fantage mission top models?

go to top models inc building and next to the desk it will be there

What is a process for creating models of the natural world?

scientific method