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small scale

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Q: Is selecting map projection more important for small scale or large scale maps?
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Was MeroΓ« important?

it was the site of large scale iron production

Would you a Mercator Projection to find the exact distance between two locations?

No because the Mercator projection distorts the size and shape of large objects, as the scale increases from the Equator to the poles, where it becomes infinite.

What important pieces did Georgia o'keefe create?

All her large-scale flower paintings.

Which map projection has the least distortion?

A Globe. It can be an exact scale model of the earth!

How do you measure a map scale?

The map scale is not measured. It is determined by the map projection used, and ultimately by the cartographer who makes the map.

What are important thing on the map of Spain?

Important things on maps include major placenames and landmarks, major bodies of water and waterways, roadways and elevations, internal and international borders, and the projection and scale of the map.

Where do large scale weather systems develop and why are they important?

Large scale weather systems that transport surface cold air toward the tropics and surface warm air toward the poles.

What is marketing economies of scale?

Large scale buying and selling give the firm important savings in cost.Bulk buyingSpecialist buyerBrandingSpecialist transportSales outletsAdvertising

What are the categories of entrepreneurship?

microenterprise,large scale,medium scale,cottage microenterprise,large scale,medium scale,cottage

What are the problems of a large scale enterprise?

problem of large scale enterprise

What are the examples of large scale industry?

example of large scale industry

What are examples of large scale industries?

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