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Seven eights is slightly larger then five sixths.

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Q: Is seven eighths bigger smaller or equal to five sixths?
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Is seven sixths equal to nine eighths?


Is four sixths equal to six eighths?


Is four eighths equal to three sixths?


What does five sixths times three fourths equal?

five eighths

Which fraction is smaller 2/6 or 4/6?

Two sixths is smaller than four sixths. Two sixths is equal to 0.3 recurring, or 0.3333.. while four sixths is equal to 0.6 recurring, or 0.6666..

Is two fifths bigger than five eighths?

No. Two fifths is equal to 0.40, while five eighths is equal to .625

How many eighths are the same as four sixths?

Four sixths is equal to five and one third over eight. It is okay if a fraction has a a fraction in it.

Is seven twelves bigger than 3 sixths?

Yes, one sixth is equal to two twelfths.Therefore three sixths is equal to just six twelths.Seven twelfths is therefore bigger (more) than 3 sixths.

Is three sixths bigger than a half and smaller than three quarters?

3/6 is equal to 1/2 and less than 3/4.

What is bigger three fourths or five sixths?

five sixths because 3/4=9/12 and 5/6=10/12

Is three sixths greater or less than four eighths?

They are equal to each other. By reducing both of them, you get 1/2.

How much larger is five sixths mile then five eighths?

5/6 - 5/8 is equal to 5/24 Expressed in terms of a mile, five sixths of a mile is equal to 1466 and two thirds yards, while five eighths of a mile is equal to 1100 yards, the difference between the two being 366.6 recurring yards.

Is one third smaller than five sixths?

Oh yes, one third is quite a bit smaller than five sixths. To compare, we can convert one third into two sixths. So five sixths is fully three sixths (equal to one half) larger than a third.

Is an oblique angle bigger than a right angle or smaller?

It can be bigger or smaller, but not equal to.

What does four sixths plus three eighths equal?

It is: 4/6 plus 3/8 = 25/24 or 1 and 1/24

Is two sixths equal to one fourth?

two sixths is not equal to 1/4, two sixths is equal to 1/3

Can you divide an oval into equal parts like fourths sixths and eighths?

You can divide any shape into smaller pieces so that all pieces have the same surface area. However, you can no longer divide an arbitrary shape (including an ellipse) into smaller pieces so that all pieces have the same shape.

Is one fourth larger than three eighths?

No, three eighths is larger than one fourth. One fourth is equal to two eighths, and is one eighth smaller than three eighths.

Is 215 kg bigger smaller or equal to 2150 g?


What is five sixths of three eighths?

5/6 x 3/8 = 5/16 or five sixteenths. Expressed as a decimal, this is equal to 0.3125.

Is one mile bigger or smaller or equal to2000 yards?


What does eight-fifths equal to sixths what?

8/5 does not equal any sensible number of sixths. It is 9.6 sixths.

How man eighths equal a fourth?

Two eighths equal a fourth.

Are four eighths and two sixths equal?

No. Convert to equivalent fractions with the same denominator and compare numerators: 4/8 = (4×3)/(8×3) = 12/24 2/6 = (2×4)/(6×4) = 8/24 12 does not equal 8, so 12/24 does not equal 8/24, thus 4/8 does not equal 2/6.

Which is bigger two seveths or one eighth?

Two sevens is bigger than one eighth. One seventh is bigger than one eighth. seven times eight is 56 and two times eight is sixteen. So two sevens is equal to sixteen fifty sixths. One eighth is only equal to seven fifty sixths