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I thought the figure was seven-tenths, which is close to five-eighths...

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Q: Is seven eighths of the world covered in water?
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What percintage of the world is covered by water?

Ninety-seven percent.

What part what part of the earth is covered with water?

about 3/4 of the world are covered with water

How much of the world is covered in saltwater?

2/3 of it is covered in WATER

What is the percentage of the world covered with water?

70 percent of the world is water

What percent of the world in covered in water?

70 %

why is the world covered with mostly water instead of land?

The world is mostly covered with water instead of land because of continental and oceanic crusts. The world is roughly 70 percent water and 30 percent land.

What percent of the world is covered in land?

Water covers 25% of the world.

What part of the world is covered in water?

@ 3/4

What is the biggest part of world in water?

2/3 of the world is covered in water 1/3 land.

How many percentage water in the world?

About 70% of this world is covered by water. This water makes up about 2% of the mass of the earth

What covers 75 percent of the world?

75 percent of the world is covered in WATER

Is the majority of the earth's surface covered in water?

The earth surface is mostly water. We are taught that 75% (3/4) of the earths surface is water.