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No because 7/10 is the same as 70/100

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Q: Is seven tenths greater than seventy hundredths?
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Related questions

How do you write 0.70 in word form?

0.70 = seven tenths; seventy one hundredths; or seventy cents.

What is seven and seventy nine one-hundredths?

Seven and seventy nine one-hundredths would be 7.79.ÊÊ The first digit after the decimal point is called the tenths place value.Ê The second digit tells you how many hundredths there are in the number.

How do you write 7.75 in word form in 5th grade math?

seven and seventy-five hundredths

What is the product of seven tenths and seventy-four hundredths as a decimal number?

0.7 x 0.74 = 0.518

What fraction is the same as six and seven tenths?

Six and seventy hundredths is one possible answer.

Will 75 be in the tenths or hundredths?

I do not understand what you are asking. Seventy Five would be 7 in the tens (10) place and 5 in the ones (1) place. If you want .75 (point seven five) then 7 is in the tenths (1/10) place and 5 is in the hundredths (1/100) place. This number could read as 'seventy five hundredths'. Hope this helps.

Seventy seven hundredths as a decimal?

0.77 is pronounced seventy seven hundredths.

How many one hundredths in seven tenths?

seventy 7/10 x 10/10 = 70/100

Is 36.7 greater than or less than 3.67?

36.7 (thirty six and seven tenths) is greater than 3.67 (three and sixty seven hundredths).

Is 3.67 greater than or less than 3.7?

3.67 (three and sixty-seven hundredths) is three hundredths (0.03) less than 3.7 (three and seven tenths).

What is 78.6 in word form?

78.6=seventy-eight and six tenths.

What is seven tenths and fiive hundredths as a decimal?

Seven tenths = 0.7 Five hundredths = 0.05

What is the decimal number of seven and four tenths and three hundredths?

The decimal number of seven and four tenths and three hundredths is 7.43

Is 6.7 less than or greater than 6.77?

6.7 (six and 7 tenths) is less then 6.77 (six and seventy seven hundredths). If you wanted to determine which was larger, simply add a "0" to the end of 6.7. 6.70<6.77

Seventy three and ninety seven hundredths in standard form?

Seventy three and ninety seven hundredths in standard form is 7.397 × 101

How many hundredths are there in seven tenths?

7/10 / 1/100 = 70/100 Therefore, seven tenths is equal to 70 hundredths.

How do you spell 276.77?

Two hundred seventy-six and seventy-seven hundredths.

What is seven one hundredths as a decimal?

Seventy one hundredths as a decimal is 0.71.

How do you seventy and thirty seven hundredths?


What is seventy seven hundredths as a decimal?


How do you you write 13.790in word form?

13.790 = thirteen and seven hundred ninety thousandths (or seventy nine hundredths).

What is 5.77 in word form?

Five and seventy-seven hundredths

What is greater seven tenths or thirteen twentieth?

seven tenths

Is negative seven less than or greater that negative seventy?

Negative seven is greater than negative seventy.

How do you write 1177.09 in word form?

Eleven hundred seventy seven and nine one hundredths.