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no,eight ninths is greater

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Q: Is seventh eighths greater than eight ninths?
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Related questions

Which fraction is more eight ninths or seven eighths?

8/9 is greater.

Is eight ninths bigger than seven-eights?

Eight ninths is 1.587% more than seven eighths.

Is five ninths greater than eight ninths?

No, it's not.

What is six and eight ninths plus five and three eighths?

12 19/72

Is four ninths greater than or less than eight sixteenths?

Four ninths is less than eight sixteenths.

Is two fifths greater than eight ninths?

No. Two Fifths = 0.4 Eight Ninths = 0.8889

What is eight ninths minus seven eighths?

8/9 minus 7/8 = 1/72

What is the least common denominator of eight ninths one seventh and two thirds?


What is three and one seventh plus two and eight ninths?

six and two thirds

Which fraction is closer to a whole seven eighths or eight ninths?

On a calculator 7/8 = 0.875 8/9 = 0.888 so eight ninths is closer

Is 8 tenths greater than 5 eights?

Eight tenths is greater. Eight tenths = 80%. Five eighths = 62.5%

Is eight sixteenths greater than four eighths?

No, they are both a half.

What is five ninths times eight?

five ninths times eight is forty ninths.

Is four fifths greater or less than eight ninths?

Four fifths is less.

Is 7 eighths greater than 5 tenths?

Yes, seven eighths is greater than five tenths. Five tenths, or one half, expressed in eighths would be four eighths. Since seven is greater than four, seven eighths is greater than four eighths (or five tenths). One easy way to know is use a calculator and do the division (seven divided by eight, and five divided by ten); in decimal form the higher value may be more quickly apparent when compared.

Which is bigger eight ninths or seven eighths?

8/9= 0.888 7/8 = 0.875 8/9 is bigger

What is Five and six ninths plus three and eight ninths?

That is 9 and 5 ninths.

Why is eight tenths greater that three eighth?

It's greater because if you draw to thin rectangles and divide one into tenths and one into eighths. First color in three eighths. Then in the other rectangle color in eight tenths. Then what shaded rectangle has the greatest amount. The One with the greatest shaded amount is larger so so... eight tenths is greater then three eighths.I hope that helped :)

What is eight minus one and one ninths?

Eight minus one and one ninth equals six and eight ninths.

What is 2 thirds plus 2 ninths?

Eight ninths

What is two ninths plus four sixths?

It is eight ninths.

What is the measure of an apple pie cut in 8 pieces?

Eight eighths of an apple pie!Eight eighths of an apple pie!Eight eighths of an apple pie!Eight eighths of an apple pie!

Is eight ninths a prime number?


How many eighths are in an ounce?

eight eighths

Two thirds plus two ninths equals what?