Is sinh a trigonometric function

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Yes, but it is called a hyberbolic trigonometric function

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Q: Is sinh a trigonometric function
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In maths the ration sinh to cosh?

The actual value depends on the argument. The ratio sinh x / cosh x can be written as tanh x. This is analogous to the trigonometric functions.

What is the difficulties of trigonometric function of an angles?


What is the arc function for trigonometric relationships?

The trigonometric function of an angle gives a certain value The arc trigonometric function of value is simply the angle For example, if sin (30 degrees) = 0.500 then arc sine ( 0.500) = 30 degrees

What is an antitrigonometric function?

An antitrigonometric function is another term for an inverse trigonometric function.

What is the trigonometric function of sin?


What is a cotangent?

Cotangent is a trigonometric function. It is the reciprocal of the tangent.

What is the other name of trigonometric function?

circular functions

What is secism?

You only use the seccant trigonometric function.

How do numbers affect the trigonometric function?

Trigonometric functions are defined from a numeric domain to a numeric range. So the input number determines whether or not the function is defined for that value and, if so, what the value of the function is.

What is the trigonometric function for cotA plus B plus C?

cot(A+B+C) is, itself, a trigonometric function, so the question does not really make any sense!

Why do you solve trigonometric equations?

Use trigonometric identities to simplify the equation so that you have a simple trigonometric term on one side of the equation and a simple value of the other. Then use the appropriate inverse trigonometric or arc function.

What is the sine for greater than?

The sign is >. Sine is a trigonometric function.

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