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Q: Is six is an integer
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Is six an integer?


Which integer does not appear in the padovan sequence?


What is an integer minus three times itself equals twenty six thirds?

That has no integer solution. Three times an integer is another integer; if you subtract to integers, you get an integer again, not a fraction.

Is 1 over six rational irrational natural number whole number or an integer?

One over six is an integer divided by an integer.That is the definition of a rational number.

What number can be divided by 6?

Any number can theoretically be divided by the number six, but the outcome may not be an integer. Only multiples of six, when divided by six, will give an integer, such as: 12, 18, 24, 30...

What type of number is forty six chromosomes in humans?

Forty six is an integer

What type of number is Forty-six chromosomes in humans?

Forty six is an integer

What integer is six feet below sea level?

If sea level is 0, then feet above sea level would be a positive integer, while feet below sea level would be a negative integer. The integer for six feet below sea level would be -6.

999 678 what is it?

A six-digit integer.

If the product of two numbers is an integer then the two numbers must be integer?

Not at all. Six times one half is three, and one half is not an integer.

Is negative six an integer?

Yes because it is a whole number

How much is 1 million time 2010?

To multiply any integer by a million, write the integer, followed by six zeroes.

Is negative six an integer number?

Yes. Integers are simply whole numbers. If a number doesn't have a factor or a decimal, it is an integer.

Which integer does square root of forthy lie?


Is negative fifty six an integer or a whole number?

It is both.

What is seventy-eight and one hundred six hundred in a fraction?

78 + 100*600 = 60078 which is an integer. In an integer form, it is 60078/1

What is six and twenty seven hundred as a decimal and fraction?

It is 2706, which is an integer, not a fraction.

How Find three consecutive even integers such that three times the first integer i six more than twice the second integer?

They are 14, 16 and 18.

How Find three consecutive even integers such that three times the first integer is six more than twice the second integer?

The numbers are 14, 16 and 18.

What is six thirds as a whole number?

Expressed as an integer, 6/3 is equal to 2.

What is the smallest 6-digit number?

The smallest positive integer six-digit number is 100000.

What are the five consecuutive odd integers starting with negative six?

Since negative six is not an odd integer, there cannot be any set of odd integers starting from it.

Why is 999999 the largest six digit number?

Because the next larger integer is 1000000 which has 7 digits.

Is negative five over six an integer?

No because integers are whole numbers that do not include fractions or decimals

What are Multiples of six and nine?

They are members of the infinite set of numbers of the form 18*k where k is an integer.