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Is six bigger than four?? YES!

Then six tenths is bigger than four tenths.

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Q: Is six tenths greater than four tenths?
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Is six tenths greater than four sixths?


What is greater forty-hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater than forty one-hundredths. You can simplify forty one-hundredths to four tenths.

Is four tenths greater than six fifteenths?

it's the same

Is six-tenths greater than four-fifths?

4/5 is greater.

What is greater six tenths or six hundredths?

Six tenths is 6/10, or .6. Six hundredths is 6/100, or .06. Six tenths is greater than six hundredths by 0.54.

Why is six tenths greater?

Six tenths is greater than infinitely many fractions and it is also smaller than infinitely many.

Which one is bigger six-tenths or four-tenths?

Six-tenths (60%) is bigger than four-tenths (40%).

Which is greater forty five hundredths or six tenths?

Six tenths is greater.Six tenths is greater

What is bigger six tenths and four fifths?

4/5 is greater.

Is 0.5 greater than six tenths?

No - 0.5 is equal to 5/10, one tenth smaller than six tenths.

Is five eighths greater than six tenths?


Is nine tenths greater than six eighths?


What is a mixed number that is greater than two and six tenths?

2 and 7 tenths or anything higher than that.

Which is greater six tenths or six hundredths?

6/10 is 10 times greater than 6/100

Is 6.166 greater than or less than 6.616?

.1 means one tenth .6 means six tenths six tenths is greater than one tenth so 6.166 is smaller than 6.616

Is six thenths greater than nine tenths?

No because 9/10 is greater than 6/10

Which is greater seventy-five hundreds or six tenths?

Both seventy-five hundreds and seventy-five hundredths, which is probably what you meant, are greater than six tenths.

Is five and six tenths greater or less than twenty seven fifths?

five and six tenths = 56/10 twenty seven fifths = 27/5 = 54/10 so answer is yes five and six tenths is greater by two tenths or one fifth

Is eight tenths greater than six tenths?

Yes. Look at the denominator (10). If the denominators of both fractions are equal than go with the higher numerator as the greater number

How do you write 4.6 in words?

Depends on how you want to say it. Four-point-six; four and six tenths...

What is six tenths minus two tenths?

four tenths

What are the five tenths of tae kwon do?

Five tenths is slightly more than four tenths, and less than six tenths. Perhaps you are wondering about the five "tenets" of Taekwondo.

Is 1.6 greater than 2?

No, 1.6 is one and six tenths, so it is less than 2.

How do you write six and four tenths in standard form?

Six and four tenths in standard form is 6.4 × 100

Is thirty six and nine thousands grater than four tenths?