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A positive number divided by a negative number is negative. The same happens if you divide a negative number by a positive number - the result will also be negative.yes

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Q: Is sixteen over negative eleven a positive or negative slope?
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For a negative slope the rise is and the run is positive?

For a negative slope, the rise is negative and the run is positive.

What is the difference between positve and negative correlation?

Positive correlation has a positive slope and negative correlation has a negative slope.

Is a slope of a line always positive?

No because the slope of a line can be positive or negative

How do you know when the slope of a line is negative?

You know when the slope of a line is negative when m in the slope-intercept form equation y=mx+b is negative. For example, y=-3x+2 has a negative slope since m (which is -3 in this case) is negative. This is the same when finding a positive slope, because if m is positive, then the slope is positive.

For a negative slope what is the rise if the run is positive?


What are four types of slope?

positive slope negative slope zero slope undefined

What will happen to the slope of a line if the line is shifted so that the y intercept increases and the x intercept remains the same?

The answer depends on the signs of the original intercepts.x negative, y negative: negative slope becomes less negative and could go positive.x negative, y positive: positive slope becomes greater.x positive, y negative: positive slope becomes less positive and could go negative.x positive, y positive: negative slope becomes more negative.For 1 and 3, the slope changes sign when the y intercept crosses the origin.

What are some Real examples for negative slope and positive slope?

A positive slope is simply a slope going upward on a graph from left to right. A negative slope is a slope going downward from left to right. Often, negative slopes are the reverse of positive slopes and are both depending on the person's direction.

Steeper lines have a?

larger slope if positive and a smaller slope if negative

Is the inverse of a line with positive slope a line with negative slope?


Why the slope of temperature versus pressure graph is positive in some cases and negative in other cases?

If the pressure is increasing then the slope is positive. If the pressure is decreasing then the slope is negative.

What is the positive slop?

A positive slope goes upwards whereas a negative slope goes down wards

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