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Q: Is stainless steel a good electrical conductor?
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Is it stainless steel good electrical conductor?

== Yes, but not as good as Copper, Silver or Gold. == Totally shocking - yes?

Is stainless steel a good thermal conductor?

Stainless steel is a poor thermal conductor. It doesn't conduct electricity well, and things that do not do this well do not usually conduct heat well either.

Is steel an electrical conductor?

yes,steel is a metal and all metals are good conductors of electricity no you are wrong their not every metal is a good conductor yes every metal is a conductor but not all are good conductor.

Why isn't steel a good insulator?

Steel is a conductor, because it is a metal and most metals are good conductors of heat, like iron, aluminium, copper, silver, stainless steel etc.

Why are stainless steel usually provided with copper bottoms?

Copper is good conductor of heat as compare to stainless steel. Hence it (Copper) can heat early as compare to stainless steel. Thats why, use of utensils having copper bottoms requires less time for cooking.

Why is stainless steel a good materials from manufacturing spoonsforksknives and kitchen utensils?

Stainless steel is tough and looks good

Are copper wires and not steel wires used in electric circuits although both copper and steel are electrical conductors?

Steel is not used as an electrical conductor because, although it is a conductor, it's not a very good conductor -as is copper and aluminium, for example. A steel-wire core is used, however, to reinforce aluminium conductors on transmission tower lines

Is steel a good conductor or insulator?

Steel is a conductor and not an insulator.

Is aluminium a rubbish conductor PLEASE telll meeeeeeee?

No. Aluminum is about half as good as copper (the best) and several times better than stainless steel.

What stainless steel is used in most bladed weapons?

440 Stainless. However, a good weapon will never use stainless steel.

Where can I get some good stainless steel cookware to purchase?

Good stainless steel cookware can be hard to find. I suggest Kohl's for some good quality stainless steel cookware. The carry brands such as Circulon which I have always found to be a good quality.

Is stainless steel a conductor or insulator?

Stainless steel is a conductor, but isn't a very good one. That is why it is used to make utensils, it doesn't heat up quicky, meaning it would take longer for the heat from a hot bowl of soup to reach the end of the spoon, not burning your fingers. Again, it is one of the worst conductors, but it still can conduct energy.