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It is a solution.

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Q: Is statistics a solution of your problem or means to indicate problem?
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What is the problem and solution definition?

It means that there is a complication which is the problem and the you resolve or solve it which is the solution.

What is the opposite word for problem?

The opposite word for problem is solution! A solution is essentially the means with which a person solves a problem.

What is a sentence for resolution?

means a solution to a problem

What is addresses the problem?

This usually means to consider the problem and find a solution.

What word closley means the opposite of problem?

Solution is the opposite of problem.

What does it indicate when blues litmus paper turns red?

This means the solution is acidic.

What is the opposite of the word 'solution'?

Problem or in scientific means: insoluble or a suspension.

What does solution mean in math?

C ; solution means the answer to an addition problem in math .

What does the pH of a solution indicate?

The pH of a solution indicates how acidic the solution is. A low pH (below 7) means you have an acid, a pH of 7 means that the solution is neutral, while a high pH (over 7) means that the solution is a base.

How do you indicate a solution in a chemical formula?

You write (aq) after the formula. For example, CuSO4(aq). The (aq) means aqueous solution.

Which type of the data model is being used presently?

There are three levels of data modeling. They are conceptual, logical, and physical."Conceptual" means a definition of the problem, "logical" means a design of a solution to the problem, and "physical" means the solution of the problem.

What does climax and resolution mean?

It means what the problem and solution was

What is the definition for a solution in math?

Solution really just means the answer to the question that the problem is asking.

What word means the same as the answer to a problem?

"Solution" would be one.

What does it mean to be a solution to a system of equations?

basically it means an answer for a multiplication problem

What does indicate means?

Indicate means to pointout

What does satisfactory solution mean?

Finding a solution to a problem means you've found a way to solve it. A satisfactory solution would be a solution that isn't perfect, but you can live with it.

What does the brake lamp light indicate on a 2002 Honda Accord?

Normally it means the brake master cylinder is low of fluid. But it can indicate another problem.

Is an acidic solution with a pH of 1 stronger or weaker than an acidic solution with a pH of 6?

pH is to indicate the concentration, while the 'strength' is measures by other means.

What is an antonym for the word deduce?

to deduce - to find the solution to a problem concerning particular objects by means of the properties of more general objects to induce - to work out the solution to a problem concerning general objects by means of the properties of particular objects

What is Population problem and its solution in Mumbai?

population problem means over population which is caused due to reprodution on large scale .

What term do you use to indicate salt solution in water in a chemical reaction?

(aq) It means aqueous. Example: NaCl(aq)

What does remedy mean in poerty?

It means a cure, a healing. It can also mean the solution to a problem.

What does the word obtain mean in math?

It means to find out the solution of a problem from the given information.

How do you solve systems with no solutions?

By definition, you cannot. To solve means to find an answer or solution to a problem or a question. If there is no solution you cannot find one.