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No, only multiplication and addition are.

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Q: Is subtraction and division associative
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Can you use the Associative Property with subtraction and division?

No you can not use subtraction or division in the associative property.

Are there commutative and associative properties for Subtraction and division?


What is subtraction commutative or associative?

Subtraction is neither commutative nor associative.

Can you apply the associative property to subtraction?

No, the associative property only applies to addition and multiplication, not subtraction or division. Here is an example which shows why it cannot work with subtraction: (6-4)-2=0 6-(4-2)=4

What does Associative Property not work for which operations?

It does not work with subtraction nor division.

What property allows the grouping of numbers in parentheses to change without changing the answer?

That would be the associative property. The associative property applies to addition and multiplication, but not to subtraction or division.

What operation are not associative?

Of the five common operations addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and power, both addition and multiplication are commutative, as well as associative. The other operations are neither.

Can you have subtraction in associative property of multiplication?

No, you cannot have subtraction in the associative property of multiplication because the associative property of multiplication is about multiplication. More to the point, if you're asking whether subtraction is associative, the answer is still no. (2 - 3) - 4 does not equal 2 - (3 - 4)

Is there an associative property of subtraction?

No it can not.

Does the associative property apply to division?

there is not division for the associative property

Is the operation of subtraction associative?


Does the associative property work with subtraction?

no it does not

How do you do diffrenciate commutative and associative?

Commutatitive property: a + b = b + a Associative property: (a + b) + c = a + (b + c) Although illustrated above for addition, it also applies to multiplication. But not subtraction or division!

How is subtraction rational numbers different from adding?

Subtraction is not commutative nor associative.

Why does associative property does not work with subtraction?

Associative property does not work with subtraction because not all numbers can be subtracted and have the same results............

Does associative property apply to division?

The associative property does not apply to division but multiplication and addition do.

Is Subtraction Of Integers Associative?

Type your answer here... no

Is divsion associative?

Division (and subtraction, for that matter) is not associative. Here is an example to show that it is not associative: (8/4)/2 = 2/2 = 1 8/(4/2) = 8/2 = 4 Addition and multiplication are the only two arithmetic operations that have the associative property.

Do the commutative and associative laws apply to vector subtraction?


Can subtraction be use as a associative property?

Nope. Its not possible

What is the relationship between division and subtraction?

The relationship between division and subtraction is :Division is repeated subtraction. Also, multiplication is repeated addition.

What is a division?

Division is repeated subtraction

Why is division not associative?

because of how the number zero works in division

Why doesn't the Associative property work with subtraction?

because it just don't

A number sentence that shows why the associative property does not work with subtraction?