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Q: Is sulphur positive or negative charged?
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What electrons from negative and positive?

The electron is a negative charged particle.The positron is a positive charged particle.

A positively charged ion will bond with?

A negative charge attracts a positive charge and repels a negative charge. OPPOSITES ATTRACT ;)

Is nitrogen positive or negative?

Nitrogen is negatively charged.

Are eloctrons positive or negative?

Electrons are negatively charged.

Are glycosaminoglycans positive or negative?

Negatively charged polysaccharides

Is a cathode positive or negative?

A cathode is negative. It attracts cations, which are positively charged.

Is steel positively charged or negatively charged?

It should normally be neutral, that is, it should not have a significant charge, positive or negative.

Can ion have a positive and negative charge?

An ion is either a positive charged or a negative charged atom. Negative ions have one or more extra electrons, and positive ones have one or more electrons not there.

What are atoms called when they become charged positively or negative?

In general, an atom with a charge, either positive or negative, is called an ion.A positively charged atom is called a cation and a negatively charged atom is an anion.

What is a positive electrode?

A positive electrode is a cathode. A negative electrode is an anode.An anode is positively charged, while a cathode is negatively charged.

What subatomic particle are charged?

These particles are: neutron (positive) and electron (negative).

Is water positively charged or negatively charged?

Water is neutrally charged. It has H+ and OH- ions. 1 positive and 1 negative charged ion. The positive and negative ions cancel each other out and therefore we end up with a neutrally charged water atom.