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$10,000 is not equal to $1,000,000 dollars. One million is 100 times greater than ten thousand.

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Q: Is ten thousand dollars the same amount as one million dollars?
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What is bigger ten billion dollars or one thousand million dollars?

Ten billion dolars is bigger because one thousand million is the same as one billion.

Is 10 thousand gallons the same amount of water as a million gallons?

No, a million is one thousand (1000) thousands. In numerical form, ten thousand is 10,000, and a million is 1,000,000

Does one million ten mean one million ten thousand dollars?

"One million ten" can be written as 1,000,010. "One million ten thousand" can be written as 1,010,000. They are very different numbers and do not mean the same.

What was one thousand dollars worth in 1890?

One thousand dollars was worth one thousand dollars, since money is money regardless of when it is used. The same amount now in economic terms, roughly adjusted for inflation, would be worth around 110 times as much.

Is the 1000 same as million?

No because a million numerically is 1,000,000

Is a billion pounds the same as a billion dollars?

At today's exchange rates £1 = US$1.38 So any amount in pounds is worth 38% more in pure numbers of American dollars. Historically a British billion was one million million while a US billion was one thousand million. Now however UK usage has changed to match the US usage and one billion in the UK is also one thousand million.

How big is a billion dollars if I had a million dollars and I spent a thousand dollars each day. how many years would it take me to use all the money spending at the same rate?

2.738 years

How do you abbreviate one million eleven thousand and five hundred and five dollars?

$1,011,505 would be easiest way 1m,11k,505 takes up same amount of space

How do you write 4.1 million dollars?

4.1 million dollars is the same as $4,100,000 in numbers

Can you show me line up of how to read numbers thousand million?

A thousand million is the same as one billion.

Is one billion equal one thousand million?

Yes, 1 billion is the same as one thousand million.

Are ten thousand and one million the same?


Is 1 million pounds the same as 100 thousand pounds?

No. To get (1 million), you have to take (100 thousand) ten times.

Is a thousand million the same as 1 billion in Great Britain?

Yes. One thousand million is 1 billion everywhere.

Is one hundred thousand the same as a million?

Nope ! A million is ten times BIGGER than one hundred thousand.

What is 10 percent of 20 thousand dollars?

10 percent of 20 thousand dollars is two thousand dollars. 10 percent is the same as ten hundredths. Ten hundredths is the same as one tenth. One tenth of twenty is two.

What does 18.6 billion dollars mean?

The same as 18600 million dollars.

How many millions is 65 thousand canadian dollars?

65 thousand Canadian dollars is 0.065 million Canadian dollars. If you wanted an answer in terms of another currency you need to specify which one - I am not going to guess. And make sure you specify the country as well. Many countries use currencies with the same names - eg dollars, or pounds.

Is fifteen hundred thousand the same as one million five hundred thousand?


Is 1 million the same thing as 10 thousand?


How do you write two hundred thousand thousand?

200,000,000. That's the same as two hundred million.

If an annual report is written in millions and the amount is 4238 There is a comma after the 4 how would that be written in dollars?

We're talking big bucks here. All you have to do is multiply the number by one million, which is the same as adding 6 zeros. So the amount is: $4,238,000,000.00. Four billion two hundred thirty eight million. A thousand thousands is a million, and a thousand millions is a trillion. So you can look at the number and get a quick fix on the amount. The report amount is four thousand. Since a thousand millions is a trillion, four thousands is four trillion. ================================================= The word 'billion' means different things to different people. In Canada and the US, at least, a thousand million is a billion, not a trillion. A trillion is a thousand billion.1,000 is one thousand1,000,000 is one million1,000,000,000 is one billion1,000,000,000,000 is one trillionIn Britain, however, a billion is a million million. That's why on British newscasts one often hears the figure, one thousand million. We in Canada and the US would refer to the thousand million amount as one billion. This can, obviously, lead to confusion. But, in any event, the first answer above contains an error. The figure we are talking about is 4,238 millions (4,238,000,000). In Britain, that's how it would be said, 'four thousand, two hundred and thirty-eight millions (4,238,000,000). In Canada and the US, it would be spoken as 'four billion, two hundred and thirty-eight million' or 'four point two three eight billion.'

Is one million the same as one hundred thousand?


What is 0.04 billion dollars?

Same as 40 million.

How big is a billion?

A billion is the same as a million times a thousand, or, a hundred times ten million.