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Q: Is the area times or add in maths?
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Is product in maths times or add?

Multiplication or in simple words times

How do you do surface area in maths?

You times the Length by the Wight

Is area in maths times?

Yes it is. It is Length x Width.

Do you add or times a area?

You add

Do you add when you do surface area?

You times when doing area. You add when finding permiter.

Is a area times or add?


Do you times area or add it?

Area is found by multiplying.

How can you tell perimeter from area?

area is the outside of the shape, to get it, add all sides together. perimeter is the diagnal. i learnt that in 7th grade maths. :)

Do you add or times the area?


What is the meaning of the sum in maths?

the sum in maths is the anwer you get when you add everything together

What ADD stands for?

It means + in Maths

How do you change am times to 24 hour times in maths?

am times stay the same. except 12:45 am for example becomes 00:45. for pm, you add 12 hours to the time.

How do you calculate the area and perimeter of shapes?

To calculate the area you multiply the width times lenghth.the numbers that are on the side of the shape multiply them and you'll get the area. Now to get the perimeter you add the numbers on the sides together. Add lenght times width.that's how you get your perimter and area.

What does the sum mean in maths?

it means to add or +

In maths what is the area of a composite shape?

You need to break the shape up into different shapes. For example if you have a shape that is basically a triangle and a square merged together you will work out the squares area then the triangles area and add them together.

What does add mean in math?

in maths add means to add numbers together . it is usally added in to an equation.

When you are doing area do you add and multiply or multiply only?

for area you times width x length

Do you times the length and width or plus it?

to find the area of a rectange you times, to find the perimeter, you add them then times by 2

What is the LCM of 60 and 3?

Lcm is a maths term for 'learning customized maths'. If you wanted to work out the LCM of 60 and 3 you take the 60 and times is by 11 (as all for this). Then take the 3 and divide by 5, and times by 4. Add them both up then subtract (15x2), to give u the answer.

How do you find out how big and area is?


Answer for add maths project work2010?

post the questions and you will get the answer.

How do you find out area and the perimeter of a closed figure?

for area you times the two numbers and for perimeter you add the numbers

Why is Sex Like Maths?

Sex Is Like Maths Because You Add The Bed Subtract The Clothes Divide The Legs And Then Multiply?

What does times mean in maths?


How many times can you arrange the letters in maths?

25 times

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