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Q: Is the component of the processor that performs arithmetic comparison and other operation?
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What is the component of the processor that performs basic calculations and comparison operations?

The Arithmetic Logic Unit or ALU.

What specific components of the computer does the arithmetic computations?

We are going inside the processor to find this out. In the processor, there is a component called the ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit). It does all of the arithmetic computations.

What component of a processor does all comparisons and calculations?

It's called the AU - for arithmetic unit.

The component of the processor that performs arithmetic comparsion and logical operations?

The arithmetic logic unit is a digital circuit that is part of the CPU. Its main functions are to do arithmetic and logic operations.

What is the component of the processor that directs and coordinates most of the operation in the computer?

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What The hardware component used to control the operation of a computer system?


The unit that performs the arithmetic and logical operations within the processor?

The unit that performs the arithmetic and logical operations within the processor is called the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU).

Component of a processor that does all the comparisons and calculations?

Component of a processor that does all the comparisons and calculations?

Where can one find AMD processor comparison charts?

An AMD processor comparison chart can be found on the AMD website under products. There is also an AMD processor comparison chart located on Wikipedia.

Is a processor a motherboard?

No, a processor is a component that is installed on the motherboard.

What is processor and what is its actual work?

processor nothing but micro processor is a single chip used in a CPU to do all the operations,controls the system etc.... processor has arithmetic logic unit(alu) which helps to do arithmetic(/,*,-,+) and logic operations(AND,OR,NOT),registers and control unit. microprocesssor is a programmable control device.

Component of central procesing unit?

The main component is a central processor.

The largest number of bits the processor can process in one operation are?

It depends on the processor. An 8-bit processor can process 8-bits in a single operation while a 64-bit processor can process 64-bits at a time.

Is a main component on the motherboard?


What is the role of processor?

A processor is a component within the comp. that co-ordinates the hardware and software.

What is an operation the processor manages?


What is an Intel processor comparison?

An intel processor comparison is when computer experts compare different intel processors on different computers. This is used to rate the top computers and their performance.

Is a processor an internal component of a computer?


Does The control unit component of a processor manages all activities inside the processor itself?


Processor component that interprets the instructions?

Control Unit

Which component will always have a cooling solution in place?


Alu manages all activities inside the processor?

Managing the activities inside the processor is the function of the CU (control unit). The ALU performs all arithmetic and logic functions of the processor.

What does the processor do?

The processor, or CPU, executes program instructions and is the main component of any computer.

Is a processor a hardware?

Yes, a Processor (also called a CPU or Central Processing Unit) is a hardware component.

What does an Intel processor do in a computer?

Intel is the trade name of one brand of processor. Like most processors, their fundamental job is to execute a sequence of instructions that make up a computer program. Typical functions of a processor is to perform arithmetic and logical operation, extract instructions stored in memory, decodes then executes those instructions, then outputing the results. A simple analogy is to say, the processor is the "brains" of the computer. Without it, the system will fail to operate as a whole.