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Q: Is the difference of 1261 and 724 greater than or less than 500?
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Why is the difference of 1261 and 724 greater than 500?

1261 - 724 = 537 > 500. What kind of question is that!?

Is the difference of 1.45-0.12 less than or greater than 1?


Why is the answer of 1261-724 greater than 50?

Because 724 + 50 only gets you as far as 774: way short of 1261.

Is the difference of 1.45 -0.12 less than or greater than 1?

1.45-.12 is 1.33 which is greater than 1

Which is less than and greater than symbols?

Is < Less than or Greater than or > Greater than or Less than

When you subtract a positive integer from another integer is the difference greater than or less than the original integer?

less than

What values best classifies a bond between 2 atoms as being covalent?

An electronegativity difference of less that 1.7 between the atoms

Is 0.4 greater or less than 0.16?

0.4 is greater than 0.16

Is -12 greater less than or equal to 4?

-12 is less than 4 - the difference between the two numbers is 16.

Why is NBr3 a non-polar molecule?

If the difference in electronegativity is greater than 0.3 than it is Polar. Nitrogen and Bromine the difference is less than .3 so it is nonpolar

Is 0.02 greater or less than 0.05?

2/100 is less than 5/100. When in doubt multiply both by the greatest decimal place. Ex. these both happened to be hundredths. If you had .2 and .05 you would multiply both by 100 leaving 20/100 and 5/100. I hope this makes sense.

What are the greater than and less than symbols called?

The "is greater than" and "is less than" symbols are the relations of an equality. this is the greater than symbol > this is the less than symbol <

What is the difference between the acute obtuse and reflex angles?

Acute angles are greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees Obtuse angles are greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees Reflex angles are greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees

What is the difference in meaning between a dot and an empty circle on a number line graph?

a filled in circle/dot means "greater than or eaqual to/less than or equal to" (depending on which way the arrow is pointing. an empty cirlce means only "greater than/less than". the greater than/less than symbol with the line under it will indicate the filled in circle. the normal greater than/less than symbol willl indicate the hollow cirlce

Is 20 g greater or less than 2 kg?

less than

Is 34 less than or greater than -38?


Is 0.59 greater than or less than 0.6?

less than

What is the difference between acute right and obtuse angles?

Acute angles are greater than zero and less than 90 degrees. Right angles are exactly 90 degrees. Obtuse angles are greater than 90 and less than 180 degrees.

Is 7g less than or greater than 698mg?


Is 0.3 less than or greater than 1?

0.3 is less than 1.

What strategies can be used to estimate angle measurements?

If it looks less than 90o, greater than 90o, less than 180o, greater than 180o, less than 270o, greater than 270o, or less than 360o or greater than 360o.

Is Be plus Cl a ionic bond?

since the electromagnetic difference between the 2 is less than 1.7.. it is NOT an ionic bondionic bonds have a difference of greater than 7covalent bonds are less than 1.7 difference

Is 20 g greater than 2 kg?

No, 2 Kg (Kilograms) is greater than 20g (grams).

Is 0.8 greater than or less than 0.706?

8 is greater than 7 so 0.8 is greater than 0.706

Is 0.042 greater than or less than 0.42?

Less. 0.42 is ten times greater than 0.042.