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-- If the distance-time graph is a straight line, then the magnitude of acceleration is zero.

-- If the magnitude of acceleration is not zero, then the distance-time graph is curved.

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Q: Is the distance-time graph for acceleration always a straight line?
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In an acceleration graph showing speed versus time a straight line shows the acceleration is?

A graph that shows speed versus time is not an acceleration graph.The slope of the graph at any point is the acceleration at that time.A straight line shows that the acceleration is constant.

What represents the speed versus time graph of acceleration?

Any graph that isn't a straight horizontal line is a graph of speed with acceleration.

When the acceleration is not in a straight line on a graph what does this indicate?

That the force that causes the acceleration is not constant.

Accelerating can be seen on a distance versus time graph true or false?

Indirectly, yes. If the graph is a straight line there is no acceleration, if the graph is not linear there is acceleration.

Which force Acceleration is the slope of the velocity vs time graph?

The slope of a velocity-time graph is acceleration. If it is a straight line, then it is the average acceleration. Force is not part of the velocity-time graph.

How can you find the acceleration from velocity time graph?

The gradient of the tangent to the velocity-time graph at any point is the acceleration at that point. If the v-t graph is a straight line then the gradient of that line is the acceleration.

Is distance time graph for acceleration always a straight line?

no because it is possible the object moving make go backwards so the the line will go into the negatives on the graph

How can you use the graph of velocity versus time to estimate the acceleration of the ball?

If the graph is a straight line, then the slope of the line is the average acceleration of the ball.

How would a graph of negative and positive acceleration differ?

This depends on what the graph represents. If it is a graph of velocity on the vertical and time on the horizontal, then if acceleration is at a constant rate, the graph will be a straight line with positive slope (pointing 'up'). If acceleration stops, then the graph will be a horizontal line (zero acceleration or deceleration). If it is deceleration (negative acceleration), then the graph will have negative slope (pointing down).

When the velocity time graph is a straight line parellel to time of axis what can you say about its acceleration?

Acceleration is 0.

A distance time graph for acceleration is always a?

a horizontal line :)

How can a position time graph show if an object has constant acceleration?

With a straight line.

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