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It can be growth or decay - it depends on whether n is positive (growth) or negative (decay).

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Q: Is the equation P500(1.03) with an exponent of n a model of Growth or Exponential Decay?
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Who invented exponentail growth and exponential decay?

Reverend Thomas Malthus developed the concept of Exponential Growth (another name for this is Malthusian growth model.) However the mathematical Exponent function was already know, but not applied to population growth and growth constraints. Exponential Decay is a natural extension of Exponential Growth

How can you tell if an exponential function is exponential growth or decay by looking at its base?

It is not enough to look at the base. This is because a^x is the same as (1/a)^-x : the key is therefore a combination of the base and the sign of the exponent.0 < base < 1, exponent < 0 : growth0 < base < 1, exponent > 0 : decaybase > 1, exponent < 0 : decaybase > 1, exponent > 0 : growth.

What is meaning of exponent with variable?

That you have an exponential function. These functions are typical for certain practical problems, such as population growth, or radioactive decay (with a negative exponent in this case).

Do all exponential functions show growth over time?

If the exponent has the variable of time in it, then it will be either exponential growth (such as compound interest for example), or exponential decay (such as radioactive materials, or a capacitor discharging). If the time constant (coefficient of the time variable) is positive then it is growth, if the time constant is negative, then it is decay.

What are three things exponential growth and exponential decay have in common?

both have steep slopes both have exponents in their equation both can model population

Is y equals 0.68 x 2x exponential growth?

If your equation is y=0.682x then yes

What is exponent growth?

That means that the growth is equal to, or similar to, an exponential function, which can be written (for example) as abx, for constants "a" and "b". One characteristic of exponential growth is that the function increases by the same percentage in the same time period. For example, it increases 5%, or equivalently by a factor of 1.05, every year.

What possible values can the growth factor have in an exponential decay equation?

Any number below negative one.

What is a growth factor in exponential growth?

implementation of exponential groth

How are birth and death rates accounted for in the exponential population growth equation?

The r value in the exponential equation is the rate of natural increase expressed as a percentage (birth rate - death rate). So the math includes the birth rate and the death rate when implementing the equation. Students may have a hard time understanding that population growth is controlled not only by birth and death rates but also by the present population. The mathematics of exponential growth govern the prediction of population growth. Your welcome Ms. Musselma...'s class.

What is the origin of exponential growth?

Exponential growth does not have an origin: it occurs in various situations in nature. For example if the rate of growth in something depends on how big it is, then you have exponential growth.

Are there any math words that start with E exept for equation?

Even numbers, Equilateral triangle, Exponential growth curve...