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No, it is not a true statement. It is a false statement.

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Q: Is the equation for power is distance multiplied by time a true statement?
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What is the answer for the equation 5 to the power of 8 multiplied by 5 to the power of 3?

1,220,703,125 is the answer. You're welcome.

Is Christian palushaj better that luke nerva?

Yes, multiplied by the distance of space and nebulas and by the power of Riften and the dragonborn's power.

What is the answer in standard form for 3 multiply by 10 to the power 8 multiply then the equation by the power 5?

There is no equation in that statement. There is only this 3 x 10^8. There has to be an equals sign, = , for there to be an equation. Please restate the term as an equality. Of course there is an equation: Answer = [3 times 10 to the eighth] to the fifth power

What is the distance of 240000 miles written as a whole number multiplied by a power of 10?

2.4 x 10^5

Which equation can be used to find power P in terms of force F distance d and time t?

power= work divided by time

What is the number or expression in a power that is multiplied by itself?

What is the number or expression in a power that is multiplied by itself

Two numbers that when added equal 70 and when multiplied equal 1225?

35 and 35.The solution is first let X and Y be the two unknown numbers.Then X + Y = 70 and X multiplied by Y equals 1225.Simplifying the first equation and substituted to the second equation it will becomeX to the power of two subtracted by 70X and added by 1225, and then simplifying by quadratic equation then it will come up of an answer of 35..

What is 2 to the fifth power multiplied by 3 to the second power?

Two to the fifth power multiplied by three to the second power equals 288.

How do you find work in the equation power equals work divided by time?

The definition of work is (force) times (distance). If you mean you're given the equation and you need to solve it for 'work', then you only need to multiply both sides of the equation by 'time', and you'll have (power) x (time) = (work)

How is power defined in physical science?

In physical science, power is defined as the rate at which work is done or energy is transferred. It quantifies the amount of energy transferred or work done per unit of time, typically measured in watts (W) in the International System of Units. Power is calculated as the product of force and velocity in mechanics or the product of voltage and current in electricity.

What is 3xy to the second power over z multiplied by 15xyz to the second power?

1 divided by 25 multiplied by z to the third power

What is the value of 5.7 multiplied by 10 to the 8th power?

The value of 5.7 multiplied by 10 to the 8th power is 570,000,000.