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An octave is not a fifth. A fifth is any interval of exactly 7 half-steps. An octave is any interval of exactly 12 half-steps.

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Q: Is the fifth is a kind of octave?
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The fifth is a kind of octave?

A "Fifth Wheel" is a type of tow hitch for heavy loads. No, the fifth is not one kind of the octave.

Which of the following is a true statement 1 A synonym for distance is octave 2 the fifth is a kind of octave 3 interval is the name of a particular octave size 4 octave is the name of a particula?

octave is the name of a particular interval size

Whats one of the most basic intervals in music?

There will be examples given to each below. An octave, a second, a fifth, and a third. Examples: Octave- Middle C to High C Second- C to D Fifth: C to G Third: C to E

How many perfect intervals are there?

Within an octave there are four perfect intervals: perfect unison (P1), perfect fourth (P4), perfect fifth (P5), and perfect octave (P8).

What was final jeopardy for March 16 2012?

'70s BLOCKBUSTERSA direction in this film: "Start with the tone... up a full tone. Down a major third. Now drop an octave. Up a perfect fifth"Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Where are double bass scales played?

I think they are played in half, first and second position depending on which scale you're playing. Let the bass player answer. Scales are played in half, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and in fifth and a half positions, as well as the harmonic, depending on what scale you are doing and how many octives. If you are doing a one octave scale, it will most likely be all in first position and maybe in half position. If you are doing a two octave scale (or more), that is when you get into the higher positions, such as fourth, fifth and fifth and a half positions.

What kind of sonnet is 'Glasgow Sonnet' by Edwin Morgan?

It is a petrarchan sonnet, made out of an octave and a sestet.

What is an interval of eight notes?

An interval of eight notes is known as an octave.

What is a sentence for octave?

I played an octave on the piano.

Is G to G flat a minor octave?

No, it's a diminished octave. There is no such thing as a minor octave.

What is the fifth of its kind starting with e?


How many notes in octave?

There are 8 notes in an octave.