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Q: Is the following statement true or false about executive agreement it extends the presidents power through the formal amendment process?
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When a new President takes office what of the following may he or she refuse to honor?

An Executive Agreement Made by the Previous President

Which of the following describes a situation in which a president negotiates a deal directly between the executive branch and a foreign government?

an executive agreement

When does the president actually become president of the us?

January 20th following the election. Prior to the election of 1936, presidents took office on March 4 following the election. The 20th amendment changed this.

Ich of the following allows presidents to interpret the Constitution to extend their authority over foreign policy and their ability to use the country's military?

informal amendment process

Who was the president when the 13th amendment was passed?

Abraham Lincoln was president when the 13th amendment was introduced, but Andrew Johnson was president in 1866 (he was sworn in following Lincoln's death in April of 1865). The amendment was actually ratified on December 6, 1865.

What date did the president used to take office?

Before the lame-duck amendment (ratified in 1933), elected Presidents took office on March 4 of the year following their election, instead of the now January 20.

What US presidents have historians named as ones that extended executive privilege to new levels in their time?

Many US historians have named the following US presidents as ones who extended executive privilege to new levels of height in their time of office:* Andrew Jackson* Abraham Lincoln* Theodore Roosevelt* Franklin D. Roosevelt* Dwight D. Eisenhower* Richard M. NixonClearly it can be debated whether more presidents can be added to this list, but certainly six mentioned here should be on this list.

Which of the following is a function of the executive branch?

The executive branch carries out and enforces laws.

Of the following, which refers to a group or committee working together as the executive?

plural executive

What eleventh amendment based?

upon which amendment of the following is the eleventh amendment based

Which of the following measures declared that all persons born in the US were citizens of the US?

The 14th amendment

What group The nineteenth Amendment permitted to vote for the first time?

The Nineteenth Amendment permitted which of the following groups to vote for the first time?