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Not necessarily. It may be one that the experimenter has no control over.

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Q: Is the independent variable the manipulated variable?
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Manipulated independent variable?

The manipulated/independent variable is a variable that changes and it is what the responding/dependent variable change because of the manipulated variable.

Is manipulated variable and dependent variable same?

No, a manipulated variable (also known as independent variable) is deliberately changed in an experiment to see its effect on the dependent variable. The dependent variable is what is being measured or observed in response to changes in the manipulated variable. They are not the same but are related in an experiment.

Distinguish between an independent variable and a dependent variable?

The independent variable is the value being manipulated or changed, while the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated. "IF" you change the independent variable, "THEN" what happens to the dependent variable?

What variable is manipulated to change the dependent variable?

independent variable

In an experiment the manipulated variable is called what?

independent variable

The one variable that is purposely changed to test a hypothesis is?

The independent variable is the one variable that is purposely changed in an experiment to test a hypothesis. It is manipulated by the researcher to observe its effect on the dependent variable.

A factor that's manipulated in a experiment to change the dependent variable is the?

Independent Variable

What is another name for the x variable?

The independent variable.

What would happen if you change the manipulated variable?

If you change the manipulated variable in an experiment, it could lead to different outcomes or results than what was originally observed. This change may affect the relationships between variables being studied and could impact the validity and reliability of the experiment. It is important to carefully consider any modifications to the manipulated variable to ensure accurate and meaningful conclusions.

The variable not controlled by the experimenter?

The dependent variable which is measured. or Manipulated variable which is changed by the experimenter.

How do you use manipulative variable in a sentence?

My manipulated variable was affected by the independent variable.

What is the factor that is manipulated in an experiment to change the dependent variable is what?

the independent variable