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Q: Is the integer below prime or composite 39?
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Is 39 and 9 prime or composite?

39 is prime, 9 is composite.

Is 39 prime of composite?

39 is composite.

Is 39 a composite number or a prime number?

39 would be a composite number because not only does it have 1 as a factor but it has 13 and 3 because 13*3 39 is a composite number. Other than itself and 1, its other positive integer factors are 3 and 13.

Is 39 a prime a composite?

39 is a Composite Number.

Is 39 an composite or prime?

It is composite.

Is 39 prime neither composite?

39 is a Composite Number.

39 prime number or composite number?

39 is composite

Is the number 39 prime?

39 is not a prime; it is a composite number.

Which one is composite 43 or 39?

43 is prime; 39 is composite.

Is the number 39 prime or composite?


Is 39 and 88 a prime composite?

Both composite.

Is 29 and 39 prime numbers?

29 is prime but 39 is composite