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Q: Is the mathematical symbol used for the period of a wave?
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What is the mathematical symbol used for the period of a wave?


What mathematical symbol is used for the period of a wave?

The symbol is f, for frequency.

What is the mathematical symbol used for the waves period?

The symbol for representing the period of a wave is the greek letter lambda (λ).

What is the mathematical symbol for period?

The mathematical symbol for period is a Capital T with short legs on either side of the horizontal line. This symbol is most often used when finding frequency through 1/period or using frequency to find the period of a wave in the equation Period =1/ frequency T

How wavelength and wave period can be used to calculate wave speed?

Just divide the wavelength by the wave period, and you've got the wave speed.

What is the Symbol used for AC voltage?

a sine wave (~)

What unit is used to measure the period of a wave?


What is the mathematical symbol for the period of a wave?

The symbol used is usually t, for time. The SI unit for time is a second, so s may also be used.I also think that freq. as for frequency and any of the mathematical notations for time, minute, second, etc. hertz is a term for frequency which was once universally cycle or kilocycle, megacycle now referred to a kilohertz, megahertz, etc.So time would be notated according to the theory being used. Radio frequencies, pulse frequencies, data frequencies...

What is the formula to find the period of a wave?

Period = (wavelength of the wave) divided by (speed of the wave) also . . . Period = ( 1 ) divided by (frequency of the wave)

What is the reciprical of the period of a sound wave?

The reciprocal of the period of ANY wave is the wave's frequency.

What is the symbol for Wave Systems Corp in NASDAQ?

The symbol for Wave Systems Corp. in NASDAQ is: WAVX.

If a radio wave has a period of 1 us what is the waves period in seconds?

If a radio wave has a period of one then the period wave or two would be 2. This is math.

How are frequency and wave period related?

Frequency is the inverse of wave period. That is, frequency*period = 1

What symbol used to represent a cold front on a map?

I used a dark blue wave looking symbol for a cold front, and for hot front I used red. Hope this helps x

What is the name of symbol of alternating current?

sine wave symbol

How do wave frequency and period of a wave relate?

Wave frequency f, and period of wave T are inverses, related by fT=1.

As the period of a wave increases does the frequency increase?

no...period of wave is inversely proportional to frequency so when period of wave is increases frequency get decrease.

What increases when a wave period decreases?

When a wave period decreases, speed increases.

How does wave speed relate to wavelength and period?

Wave speed = (wavelength)/(period)

What is the symbol for wave speed?


What Is the symbol for a blizzard?

A Snow Wave.

State the SI units used for wavelength period frequency and wave speed?

Wavelength is in meters, the frequency is in hertz. period is in seconds and the wave speed is in meters per second.

Can you find the average RMS value of the wave a wave can be represented by i100exp-200tThe time period of the wave is 0.05 seconds?

I think you have typed the question incorrectly, in particular the symbol "i" appears to be in the wrong place. As you have typed it the equation does not describe a wave but an complex exponential decay.

How the frequency of a wave changes when the period of the wave increases?

period decreases... Period is inversely proportional to frequency. If period is increased, frequency will decrease.

What is a good mathematical model for representing transverse waves?

sine wave.