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Q: Is the mean of a random variable the theoretical average of a probability experiment and is not a possible outcome?
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An experiment is conducted in which two fair coins are tossed and the number of heads is recorded. The binomial random variable, X, is the number of heads?

thas so true

What is the independent variable in an experiment?

Independent variable is what you, the experimenter, change or enacts in order to do your experiment

What is the probability of 180 and 60?

The question is under-specified. The variable is not defined, the event space is not defined, the experiment is not defined.

When a controlled experiment is not possible why do scientist try to identify as many relevant variable as possible?

to gather data from data to create an controlled experiment

what are all the variables in an experiment?

The variable is the thing that changes - there are literally an infinite number of possible variables so they cannot be listed. Each experiment has its own variable.

What is a variable that is change in an experiment?

The dependent variable is the variable that can change in an experiment.

The variable that changes as the result of an experiment is a?

true or false : in order to get the best results from an experiment, change as many variables as possible within the experiment?

What is the variable that is changed by a scientist in a experiment?

The dependent variable is the variable that can change in an experiment.

If you were to perform the experiment 1000 times how would the experimental probality compare to the theoretical probality?

In order to answer this question it is important, first, to be certain that the theoretical probability (not probality!) can be calculated. For example, there is a probability that the first car that I see being driven on the next day [tomorrow] is black but I challenge anyone to calculate the theoretical probability. No one, not even I, know when I will wake up tomorrow (assuming that I live to wake up), when I draw my curtains and when look into the street. The number of black cars and non-black cars in my locality can be found, but it could be a car from somewhere else which just happens to drive past at the critical moment.Assuming there was a theoretical probability, the experimental probability would be better than would be obtained from 999 trials and not as good as 1001 trials. Any other statements would depend on the distribution of the variable being observed.

What is a random variable?

A random variable is a function that assigns unique numerical values to all possible outcomes of a random experiment. A real valued function defined on a sample space of an experiment is also called random variable.

What is the variable that is changed in an experiment?

The independent variable is the variable that is changed during an experiment.

What is variable in a experiment?

What is a variable in a experiment