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No, 18 is not a square number

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Q: Is the number 18 a square number?
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What does the number 324 symbolize?

A square number because 18*18 = 324

Is the square root of 18 irrational or a rational number?

The square root of 18 is an irrational number because it cannot be expressed as a fraction.

Is the square root of negative 18 rational or irrational?

It is neither because the square root of -18 is an imaginary number but the square root of 18 is irrational

Is the square root of 18 a rational or irrational number?

The square root of (any number that isn't a perfect square) is irrational.

What least number multiply to 18 to make it perfect square?

It is 2 times 18 = 36 which is a perfect square number because 6 time 6 = 36

True or false is 18 a square number?


Is 18 a square number?


Why is it 18 not a square number?

no, it not because it does not have a product of itself

Is the square root of 18 a irrational number?


What is the of square root of 18?

It is an irrational number which is 3 times square root 2

When you subtract one square number from another square number and it equals 35 what are the two squared numbers?

18 and 17.

What is the square number of eighteen?

182= 324 square root 18= 4.242640687... 1 and 9 are square numbers that are factors of 18.

How many square feet in room 18 by 18?

324 square feet. This is an easy calculation - just multiply the length by the width. The answer is the number of square feet.

What are the square numbers that are factors of 18?

The factors of 18 are 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, and 18. The only square number of those numbers is 9.

What least number must be added to 5607 to make the sum a perfect square find theperfect square of its square root?

5607 + 18 = 5625, a perfect square. The perfect square of a square root is the number you started with.

What is the Square root of -18?

it is impossible to have a square root for a negative number. so your answer would be "not possible".

Is 18 a square number why or why not?

It is a square number but not a perfect square. The nearest perfect squares, on either side, are 4^2 = 16 and 5^2 = 25. Since there is no integer between 4 and 5 and the square is a strictly monotonic function, 18 cannot be a perfect square.

Is 18 an factor of 36 an a squer?

18 is a factor of 36. 36 is a square. 18 is not.

What is the difference of 18 square feet and half of 18?

18 square feet is an area, and half of 18 = 9 is a number. You can't compare numbers with areas (or any measurement with units).

What is the square number greater than 18?

52 =25

Is there a square root for the number 648?

The square root of 648 is 18 times the square root of 2. 648 has no perfect square root.

Is -18 equivalent to the square root of -324?


What is the surface area of an 18 by 18 square?

An 18 * 18 square has an area of 324 square units.


Yes, in so far as all numbers are squares (of some number). But it is not a perfect square.

What type of numbers is square root 18?

sqrt(18) = 3*sqrt(2) is an irrational number.

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