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Q: Is the number of units you move the shape?
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What is the number of square units that cover a shape is called?

That's called the "area" of the shape.

If ABCDE is translated 7 units to the right and 2 units up what will happen to the polygon?

It will move but won't change shape or size

If you start at 0 on a number line then move 5 units then move -3 units then from there move 4 units where do you end at?

If you start at 0 then: 0+5-3+4=6 I hope it helped you

What are stellar numbers?

It is a figurate number, based on the number of dots or units that can fit in a centered hexagram or star shape.

What shape has a perimeter of 6 units?

Any shape can have a perimeter of 6 units, depending on what those units are.

What are the square units that cover a shape called?

TilesAny shape can be covered with a number of similarly shaped figures such as triangles, this process is called tesselation.

What was the shape and units and method of the protractor in the olden days?

usage shape and units at initial stage

What shape has a perimeter of 22 units?

Whatever shape you like can have a perimeter of 22 units

Number of square units to cover a flat surface in math?

Are determined by (a) the shape of the flat surface, (b) the area of the flat surface, and (c) the size of the square units.

What does translating in math mean?

It means to change the position of a point or object by moving it across or up and down a given number of units.

How do you get your units to move on Rome Total War?

Select the units you want to move, then right-click where you want them to move to.

If the sides of each of the shape triangle square and the hexagon are the same whole number length which figure has a perimeter of 64 units How long is each side?

Square, 16 units.