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That word "equals" in there makes it an equation.

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Q: Is the number sentence 8 plus 2 equals 10 an expression or an equation?
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Related questions

Is a number sentence a expression or equation?

numbers are equation because there are numbers in equation which make numbers equation

What is the relationship between an expression and an equation?

An equation states that an expression is equal to either a number or another expression.The 'equals' sign ( = ) is the tip-off that you have an equation.

Is three times a number plus five equals twenty and expression or an equation?

It is an equation in the form of: 3x+5 = 20 and the value of x works out as 5

What does expression mean in math?

In math expression means when you have a number sentence without an equal sign.A mathematical or algebraic expression is a collection of terms that do not include an equality sign because it is not an equation. A mathematical or algebraic expression is a collection of terms that do not include an equality sign because it is not an equation.

Write the word sentence as an equation. 54 equals 9 more than a number t?

t + 9 = 54

What is five less than a number t equals another number r plus six in an equation?

what im trying to say is i need that sentence in a equation i need it by tomorrow please

How do you solve six plus the product of four more than a number and three?

6 + (4 + n)*3 is an expression, not an equation. An expression cannot be solved since there is no equals sign in it.

What is the value of x given the equation 3x plus 4 plus 5x-6?

Oops! That's not an equation. It has no 'equals' sign ( ' = ' ) in it, so it's just an 'expression' that stands for a number. The number that it stands for depends on the value of 'x', and any time 'x' changes, the value of the expression changes.

What is the expression for x equals 3 and y equals 6?

A mathematical expression in its' most simplistic form, merely assigns a value to a variable. Don't confuse an expression with an equation. An equation requires a solution. An expression cannot be "solved". It only allows you to determine the value of a variable. This is the expression in words "x is equal to 3" (X is the variable which is equal to the constant number 3) This is the expression in numbers "x=3" The expression in words "y is equal to 6" (Y is the variable which is equal to the constant number 6) The expression in numbers is "y=6" I hope you understand now.

What is the expression b2-4ac under the radical sign in the quadratic formula?


Is a number an expression equation or inequality?

A number is an expression. It is not an equation, or an inequality, since it doesn't have an equal sign, or an inequality (greater than, less than, etc.) sign.

What is another word for number sentence?


Is x plus 3 an equation?

No because right after the x escaped the evil bag of numbers he went off and found the 3 and the tried to form and equation by using minus but what they really needed was and another number and an equals sign... i mean its obvious an EQUAtion needs an EQUALS sign without an equals its just an expression. x and 3 were obviously very dumb... just like you:)

What is a number that does not change in an equation or expression?


What is 3x plus 2y - x plus 2y?

"3x + 2y - x + 2y" is an expression that is often part of an equation; possibly a linear equation, though it could be of higher order as there could be squares, cubes etc. To be definite there would be an equals sign (=) and an expression, usually a number, the other side of it.

When can you say that a number is called a solution in algebraic expression?

An algebraic equation or inequality can have a solution, an algebraic expression cannot. If substituting a number in place of a variable results in the equation or inequality being a true statement, then that number is a solution of the equation or inequality.

What is the algebraic expression for a number cubed is 48?

The expression, not equation, is probably 481/3

What does solving equation for a number x mean?

It means you keep re-arranging the equation until it ends up in the form "x = " x is isolated on one side of the equals sign. On the other side of the equals sign will be an expression that might contain other variables but not x.

How do you write the sum of a number divided by 6 and 2 equals 8 in expression?

The equation isn/6 + 2 = 8

What is the difference between a algebraic equation and a algebraic expression and a formula?

An equation is a statement that two (preferably different) expressions are EQUAL to each other (hence EQUAtion) An expression is series of numbers, variables, and operations which makes mathematical sense. (when I say "makes mathematical sense" I simply mean that "5x + -/* -2" would not count as an expression since you have a subtraction sign divided by a multiplication sign) Since an equals sign is not a number, variable, NOR an operation, you canNOT have an equals sign in a single expression (that would turn it into an equation). For example... Equation: 3x + 2 = 9/x - 7 Expression: 3x + 2 or Expression: 9/x - 7 Note how the equation serves to join two different expressions together. An expression alone cannot provide any useful information (in general). Rather, an equation is needed in order to draw useful mathematical conclusions.

What is a sentence that has the term Number sentence?

A number sentence is a mathematical equation, such as 2x6+5x4=32.

80 percent of what number equals 40?

For the equation 80% of what number equals 40, the unknown number is 50.

Examples of Algebric expressions?

An Algebraic expression is any expression (equation) that contains a letter where a number should be.

How do you write an algebraic expression for the sum of a number and -6 is 4?

You cannot write an algebraic expression for that, you need an equation. The equation is n - 6 = 4

What does solve an equation mean?

an equation is a number sentence with and = sign