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No, since 2 is not divisible by three in the natural numbers.

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Q: Is the number two thirds a natural number?
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What is two and two thirds as a mixed number?

2 and 2/3 is the mixed number for two and two thirds.

What is an equation for two thirds a number plus 4 is 7?

two thirds a number plus 4 is 7

Is two thirds an irrational number?


Is two thirds a counting number?


Two thirds of a number is 52. What is the number?


What the difference between two thirds and four?

two thirds is a fraction and 4 is a whole number

How many thirds are in -23?

in the number minus twenty three there are minus sixty nine thirds. In the number 2/3 there are two thirds.

What is two thirds of the number nine?


Is negative two thirds a whole number?

No, it is not.

Is negative two thirds an whole number?

No, it is not.

what is Two-thirds 6?

the answer is the number 4

Is the largest number two thirds or three eights?

two thirds = 0.666 while three eighths = 0.375 therefore two thirds is larger by far

What is two third of 6?

Two thirds of the number six is the number four.

How do you calculate two thirds of a number?

multiply the number by .666

How is Two thirds of a number?

It is the number multiplied by 2/3.

How do you work out how many thirds are in the whole number 2?

If there are three thirds in one, there must be six thirds in two.

Is five thirds a whole number?

No it is not It makes up one and two thirds, a fraction.

What is two thirds as a number?

100 Actually, two-thirds cannot be a whole number. As a decimal, it is .66666666666667 (rounded). As a fraction is is obviously 2/3.

A number increased by two-thirds of the number is 35 what is the number?


A number increased by two-thirds of the number is 25 Find the number?


What is two-thirds the cube of a number?


What number is 66 and two thirds of 45?


How do you find two thirds of a number?

multiply it by 0.6666

What number is two thirds of 24?

The anwser is 16

What two-thirds of a number is negative six?

It is -9